The Messenger of Mathematics, Volumes 6-7

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Macmillan and Company, 1877
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Page 112 - Aperçu historique sur l'origine et le développement des méthodes en Géométrie, particulièrement de celles qui se rapportent à la Géométrie moderne, suivi d'un Mémoire de Géométrie sur deux principes généraux de la Science, la Dualité et l'Homographie.
Page 117 - AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON THE LUNAR THEORY, with a Brief Sketch of the Problem up to the time of Newton. Second Edition, revised. Crown 8vo. cloth. 5*. 6d. Hemming. — AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON THE DIFFERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS, for the Use; of Colleges and Schools.
Page 118 - A Treatise of Fluxions ; or, an Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy. Containing A full Explication of that Method by which the Most Celebrated Geometers of the present Age have made such vast Advances in Mechanical Philosophy. A Work very Useful for those that would know how to apply Mathematicks to Nature. By Charles Hayes, Gent.
Page 84 - Coll (communicated by Prof. Crofton, FRS) entitled "The Calculus of Equivalent Statements." A short account of this analytical method has been given in the July and November numbers (1877) of the Educational Times, under the name of Symbolical Language. The chief use at present made of it is to determine the new limits of integration •when we change the order of integration or the variables in a multiple integral, and also to determine the limits of integration in questions relating to probability.
Page 115 - Ferrers. — AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON TRILINEAR CO-ORDINATES, the Method of Reciprocal Polars, and the Theory of Projectors. By the Rev. NM FERRERS, MA, Fellow and Tutor of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.
Page 84 - IT has often been remarked that, when a group of waves advances into still water, the velocity of the group is less than that of the individual waves of which it is composed ; the waves appear to advance through the group, dying away as they approach its anterior limit.
Page 118 - Rara Mathematica ; or a Collection of Treatises on the Mathematics and Subjects connected with them, from ancient inedited MSS. by JO HALLIWELL, 8vo.
Page 119 - The History of the Heavens, considered according to the notions of the Poets and Philosophers, compared with the Doctrines of Moses.
Page 121 - A letter to the Board of Visitors of the Greenwich Royal Observatory in reply to the calumnies of Mr. Babbage at their meeting in June 1853, and in his book entitled The Exposition of 1851.

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