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Sound Financial Wisdom; Read It, Do It, Gift It

User Review  - GrpLdr -

I received a gift copy of this book in August. Dave Ramsey has done a great job of providing a workable plan for getting out of debt, planning for the future, and diffusing relational conflict borne ... Read full review

Item Was A Gift

User Review  - dmov -

The product was a gift to go along with the audio teaching. The only negative comment that I have is that the audio teaching of this product arrived within a week but the workbook came a week later ... Read full review

I thought it was well worth the money.

User Review  - schatzesmother -

Everyone would benefit from reading this book. It contains a step by step plan on how to regain financial health that anyone could follow. The author is very clear and sites many examples to illustrate his points. I enjoyed reading it and am already starting the plan myself. Read full review

Excellent. easy to follow advice

User Review  - MamaLinda -

This author hits the nail on the head! If you are buried in debt, afraid and struggling GET THIS BOOK! It is a simple, well explained and common sense approach to getting out of, and staying out of ... Read full review

Wish the Government would read this book

User Review  - rcmoney -

Awesome book. I had my family read it after I got done. The principals in the book are great. It has changed my life and can change yours too if you let it. I wish our government live by the principals. Read full review

Great Book!

User Review  - Loveforbooks -

I loved the formulas for retirement and college savings. I was also glad to receive reinforcement on what I have been doing in our money situation but, also the reality of needing to buckle down a bit more. Thank you Dave for sharing your knowledge. God Bless! Read full review

awesome book!

User Review  - cali girl -

This book helps you value every dollar you make! My husband and I have learned so much! Thanks Dave Read full review

Step-by-step instructions for success

User Review  - Glynis Caton -

Great information on how to maximize your wealth in a step by step approach. This is especially helpful for those of us who don't know where to begin. Read full review

Clear goals for getting out of debt

User Review  - kibby -

This book sets a solid foundation for moving out of debt and into a cash only system of managing finances. Read full review

Great Book

User Review  - hcfkelso -

This book is great just read and follow the steps!!! Read full review

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