John Knox and the Reformation

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1905 - Reformation - 281 pages

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Page 175 - ... we most assuredly believe, that the bread which we break is the communion of Christ's body, and the cup which we bless is the communion of his blood. So that we confess, and undoubtedly believe, that the faithful, in the right use of the Lord's Table, so do eat the body, and drink the blood of the Lord Jesus, that He remaineth in them and they in Him...
Page 213 - which heard of him, he answered, ' Why should the pleasing face of a gentlewoman fear me ? I have looked in the faces of many angry men, and yet have not been afraid above measure.
Page 34 - and Hezekias, princes of great and godly gifts and experience, abused by crafty councillors and dissembling hypocrites ? What wonder is it, then, that a young and innocent King be deceived by crafty, covetous, wicked, and ungodly councillors ! I am greatly afraid that Achitophel be councillor, that Judas bear the purse, and that Shebna be scribe, comptroller, and treasurer.
Page 31 - Lordships' wisdom to be such that I trust ye will not be moved by these glorious and unquiet spirits, which can like nothing but that is after their own fancy, and cease not to make trouble and disquietness when things be most quiet and in good order.
Page 48 - This we can assure you, that that outrageous pamphlet of Knox's added much oil to the flame of persecution in England. For before the publication of that book, not one of our brethren had suffered death : but as soon as it came forth, we doubt not but that you are well aware of the number of excellent men who have perished in the flames...
Page 268 - Neither the craggy rock in which he miserably confides, nor the carnal prudence of that man [Maitland] whom he esteems a demi-god, nor the assistance of strangers, shall preserve him ; but he shall be disgracefully dragged from his nest to punishment, and hung on a gallows before the face of the sun, unless he speedily amend his life, and flee to the mercy of God.
Page 162 - That God should revenge that contumely done to his image, not only in the furious and godless soldiers, but even in such as rejoiced thereat." And the very experience declared that he was not deceived ; for within few days thereafter (yea some say that same day) began her belly and loathsome legs to swell, 7 and so continued, till that God did execute his judgments upon her, as after we shall hear.
Page 179 - Other ceremonies than the public approbation of the people, and declaration of the chief minister, that the person there presented is appointed to serve the church, we cannot approve ; for albeit the apostles used imposition of hands, yet seeing the miracle is ceased, the using of the ceremony we judge not necessary.
Page 197 - the vehemency of Mr. Knox's spirit, which cannot be bridled, and yet doth sometimes utter such sentences as cannot easily be digested by a weak stomach. I could wish he would deal with her more gently, being a young Princess unpersuaded. For this I am accounted too politic, but surely in her comporting with him, she doth declare a wisdom far exceeding her age.

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