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I haven't read the book yet but as a college educated truck driver I would like to add my observations of the industry.
There are so many areas of this country that makes the disposal of a body
rather simple. Out West we have abandoned mines within easy reach of a truck. Don't suppose that a truck is restricted to freeways. Nevada has many out of the way roads that trucks can go on as I have done in the performance of a past job.
Middle states have plenty of places to hide bodies. It would be simple for the type of serial killer that does it for personal gratification as like Ted Bundy they don't care to advertise but to hide their crimes. They aren't crying for help.
There have been cases involving bodies being disposed along the interstate in Nevada; the I80 serial killer (unknown). The I10 killer (unknown) through the south involving Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and other southern states; I95 snipers in Florida.
Believe that the Serial Killer is out there and the freeways make it easy for them to spread their terror.

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