Katie's Hotwife Awakening: Book 1 of "Katie's Hotwife Adventures"

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Boruma Publishing - Fiction
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Katie loves Mack even though he?s very small ?down there.? She only has one stipulation when they get married: if she ever meets her favorite actor, she can have a wild no-holds-barred affair with him. Mack agrees, then is stunned when a gorgeous lookalike enters their lives. Can he keep his marriage intact when he learns that Katie?s wild fling won?t be just a one-night stand?

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

It was surreal, sitting on a chair, not three feet from where my wife, Katie, was having energetic, sloppy sex. Not only was it outside of our marriage, but it was with a man who looked exactly like her favorite movie star, Brad Peterson.It was my fault. I?d invited him into the bedroom, but it was Katie?s fault, too. He was her ?free pass?. You know, the one person your spouse gives you a free pass to be with if you ever actually have the chance with them.

I didn?t have a chance of ever meeting Scarlett Johansson, but my wife was getting her brains f--ked out by Brad Petersen. Or rather a guy we thought looked like Peterson.

I watched them kiss like desperate lovers. My wife had already gotten naked in anticipation, but I was shocked by the size and thickness of Brad?s member. Physically, he was smaller than I was, but not below the belt.

He had my wife on her knees now, facing me, while he entered her from the back. And she loved it. She was moaning her appreciation as he tugged on her and left bruises behind. She hadn?t said a word to me while we?d made love in years, now she couldn?t stop talking.

?Oh, Brad, you?re so big.?

?Oh, yes, hard like that, so deep. Please, stretch me.?

I wasn?t prepared for this, I wasn?t even sure I wanted it. We?d talked about Katie being with another man, it had been her idea. A fantasy she?d shared. But it wasn?t supposed to happen. We?d role played and even gone out to bars to see what might develop, but it was just a game.
Now that it was happening, I was excited. It?s my fantasy too, in a way. But I?m afraid?even faint?and a lot angry. How could she do this and right in front of me?

How can she cause me to be this jealous? Did I really want this to happen? How can I be so scared? Will she leave with him? Have I lost her? Is she hurting me on purpose?

By this point, Katie had tuned everything out except him. Brad must be hurting her, his hands are around her neck, and even though it?s causing her face to turn red, she?s pushing back at him even harder, grunting with the effort.

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