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User Review  - yonkerswife -

The value and quality are fine but I found it extremely boring to listen to and I couldn't get through the book. To me and in my opinion only, it read like a 15 year old's diary and not like a grown ... Read full review

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i got sucked into the first book and couldn't put it down, the second i started quickly and fizzled and the third i am finding extremely difficult to get through. Ana is just getting on my nerves with her "I don't like they way she looks at MY man" STFU.... and although i enjoy a good erotic book every now and again, but ana and christian can't get through a cup a coffee with him " grabbing her by the hand and taking her into the bedrooms,bathrooms,showers', like i get it already. To me the books became VERY obvious ... Ana does something christian doesn't like , He "teaches" her a lesson, then she gets mad , they have makeup sex all is right with the world. She gets mad at him, he kisses her hair for the 34242 time and all is right with the world. i caught myself getting so annoyed throughout reading it was ridiculous... anyway the good points were the whole love story (sort of) i found myself wanting to throw up with all the "i love you' , "this is mine" "i am yours" "together forever" crap. but at least it was an easy read.... so unfortunately only 2 stars for this book ... Also on another note.. Ana is a 22 year old college graduate and she still manages to say "i felt something DOWN THERE" go figure 


User Review  - Roopa BN - Flipkart

It does feel erotic in the beginning, but the author has has gone more number times to describe grey's character and his desires...towards the end, i was more interested in knowing where the story is ... Read full review

Not upto the mark

User Review  - Rajan salvi - Flipkart

I didn't find the story convincing enough, I believe people are just creating hype about it. I believe many established and new Indian authors are better in expressing feelings and emotions. I bought ... Read full review

BDSM turned into frustration. Thumbs Down!

User Review  - Aanchal Mittal - Flipkart

Having heard a lot about the trilogy by EL James, I picked up the first in the series, 50 shades of Grey. Although I had been warned by many that this book is not better than soft porn in the written ... Read full review

a book for the sex starved...

User Review  - Gaurav Godbole - Flipkart

I bought this book out of sheer curiosity to know why has this book been a rage lately. the only thing that this book proves correctly is the SEX always sells. The author has bombarded the reader with ... Read full review

50 Shades of Worthless...!!

User Review  - Vinay Kumar Rao - Flipkart

One word, "Very Monotonous...!!" Only one thing to desribe on the book. The story has been dragged by all ends too far. Never kept me at it through out. And, those who think this to be an erotic read ... Read full review

Not worth either the time or the patience

User Review  - Puloma Chakrab... - Flipkart

I bought this with extremely high hopes, it being featured as the best seller, I find a Mills and Boons with a lot more of graphic descriptions. Loads of teenage "big", "geez", and the word "BDSM ... Read full review


User Review  - Bethyboo - Tesco

The author has a fantastic marketing team! Wish I hadn't got sucked in to reading this overhyped novel and saved my precious free time for something worthwile. Read full review


User Review  - Ankita - Flipkart

The only good thing about the book i liked was the way the James has composed the entire book in the present tense. The book could have been more realistic if it had brought out sensible romance or ... Read full review

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