The Official Records of Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant-governor of the Colony of Virginia, 1751-1758, Volume 3

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Page 177 - I have a constitution hardy enough to encounter and undergo the most severe trials, and, I flatter myself, resolution to face what any man durst, as shall be proved when it comes to the test, which I believe we are on the borders of.
Page 180 - These Instructions were to reconnoitre the country, Roads, Creeks, &c., to Potomack, which they were ab't to do. These Enterprising Men were purposely choose out to get intelligence, which they were to send Back by some brisk dispatches with mention of the Day that they were to serve the Summons, which could be through no other view than to get sufficient Re-inforcements to fall upon us...
Page 179 - Indians to follow their tracks, and discover their lodgment, which they did at half a mile from the road, in a very obscure place, surrounded with rocks. I thereupon, in conjunction with the half-king and...
Page 178 - Incident charges prevents them frm saving much: if they dont save much, they have the enjoyment of their Pay which we neither have in one sense nor the other: We are debarr'd the pleasure of good Living, which Sir (I dare say with me you will concur) to one who has always been used to it; must go somewhat hard to be...
Page xi - The duties of the receiver-general included the receiving of the quit-rents, the revenue arising from the export duty of two shillings per hogshead on tobacco, the one penny per pound on tobacco exported from Virginia to any other English colony in America, the port duty which was the revenue arising from the fifteen pence per ton on all vessels arriving in the colony, and all funds of the colony not received by the...
Page 90 - ... are to advise and consult on all Affairs of Consequence; and as the Fate of this Expedition greatly depends on You, from the Opinion I have of Your good Sense and Conduct, I refer the Management of the whole to You with the Advice of the Court Martial. Sincerely recommending You to the Protection of God, wishing Success to our just Designs, I heartily wish You farewell.
Page 36 - Allegiance to the King broken, Property invaded, and reputation sullied, are so multiplied that the List is a Satyre on our Species, and [I] wish I cou'd be excus'd from enumerating the many Ways by w'ch human Nature has been degraded, but I am compell'd to display the Cataloge before you, and some of the Articles I hope you will be able effectually to wipe out. You are, Gent., to punish all who dare Blaspheam Almighty God, a Crime which seems to include a Capacity for all others, for what may not...
Page 182 - Your honor may depend I will not be surprised, let them come at what hour they will, and this is as much as I can promise; but my best endeavors shall not be wanting to effect more. I doubt not, if you hear I am beaten, but you will hear at the same time that we have done our duty in fighting as long as there is a shadow of hope.
Page 300 - There is such a Party and Spirit of Opposition in the lower Ho. y't it's not in the Power of the Gov'r to suppress, unless he is to prostitute the rules of Gov't, and act inconsistent with his Instruct
Page 23 - To extend Mason and Dixon's line due west five degrees of longitude, to be computed from the river Delaware, for the southern boundary of Pennsylvania, and that a meridian, drawn from the western extremity thereof, to the northern limit of said State, be the western boundary of said State forever.