Works Issued by the Hakluyt Society, Volume 20

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The Society, 1856 - Voyages and travels
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Page 15 - These 4. kinds of fish breed in the Volgha, and are catched in great plenty, and served thence into the whole Realme for a great food. Of the Roes of these foure kinds they make very great store of Icary or Caveary as was said before.
Page 6 - Winter is very hard and extreeme) the beares and woolfes issue by troupes out of the woods driven by hunger, and enter the villages, tearing and ravening all they can finde : so that the inhabitants are faine to flie for safegard of their lives.
Page 90 - Tartars seeke for in all their warres is to get store of captives, specially young boyes, and girles, whome they sell to the Turkes, or other their neighbours. To this purpose they take with them great baskets made like bakers...
Page 14 - In the province of Corelia, and about the river Duyna towards the North sea, there groweth a soft rocke which they call Slude. This they cut into pieces, and so...
Page xxxi - Which being ceased, foorthwith wee gave him accesse and audience, but all his talke with us was about Merchants affaires, and nothing touching ours. Wee knowe that Merchants matters are to bee heard, for that they are the stay of our Princely treasures : But first Princes affaires are to be established, and then Merchants.
Page 165 - ... chains, ear-rings, brasletts and treasur, that went for succer eaven to save their heads above water. Notwithstandinge, so many thowsands wear ther burnt and drowned, as the river could not be ridd nor clensed of the dead carcasses, with all the means and industrye could be used in twelve monneths after; but those alive, and many from other towns and places, every daie wear occupied within a great circuat to search, dregg, and fish, as it wear, for rings, jewells, plate, baggs of gold and silver,...
Page 149 - In sommer, they goe often with kerchieffes of fine white lawn or cambricke fastned under the chinne, with two long tassels pendent. The kerchiefe spotted and set thicke with rich pearle. When they ride or goe abroad in raynie weather, they weare white hattes with coloured bands (called stapa zemskoy).
Page 147 - You shall see them sometimes (to season their bodies) come out of their bathstoves all on a froth, and fuming as hoat almost as a pigge at a spit, and presently to leape into the river starke naked, or to powre cold water all over their bodies, and that in the coldest of all the winter time.
Page cxxxv - Gouernment by the Russe Emperour (commonly called the Emperour of Moskouia) with the manners and fashions of the people of that Countrey.
Page 271 - Through the will of the almighty & without beginning God, which was before this world, whom we glorifie in the Trinitie, one onely God, the Father, the Sonne, and the holy Ghost, maker of all things, worker of all in all every where, fulfiller of all things, by which will, and working, he both liveth, and giveth life to man : that our only God which...

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