Miscellaneous Essays: Miscellaneous essays, by H. T. Colebrooke. New ed., with notes, by E. B. Cowell

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Trübner, 1873 - Indo-Aryan philology
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Page 100 - The real doctrine of the whole Indian [111] scripture is the unity of the deity, in whom the universe is comprehended : and the seeming polytheism which it exhibits, offers the elements, and the stars, and planets, as gods.
Page 135 - Accompanying her husband, she shall reside so long in " Swarga as are the thirty-five millions of hairs on the human " body. " As the snake-catcher forcibly drags the serpent from his " earth, so, bearing her husband [from hell], with him she "shall enjoy heavenly bliss. " Dying with her husband, she sanctifies her maternal and " paternal ancestors ; and the ancestry of him to whom she
Page 16 - Brdhmanas; and some received into their canon of scripture, portions which do not appear to have been acknowledged by others. Yet the chief difference seems always to have been the use of particular rituals taught in aphorisms (sutras) adopted by each school; and these do not constitute a portion of the Veda, but, like grammar and astronomy, are placed among its appendages.
Page 425 - In its ordinary acceptation, as an adjective, it signifies extinct, as a fire which is gone out ; set, as a luminary which has gone down ; defunct, as a saint who has passed away ; its etymology is from vd, to blow as wind, with the preposition nir used in a negative sense : it means calm and unruffled.
Page 30 - Then was there no entity nor nonentity ; no world, nor sky, nor aught above it ; nothing anywhere in the happiness of any one, involving or involved ; nor water, deep or dangerous. Death was not ; nor then was immortality : nor distinction of day or night. But THAT breathed without afflation, single with (Swadha) her who is sustained within him.
Page 418 - ... a new set of khandhas instantly starts into existence, and a new being appears in another world, who, though possessing different khandhas and a different form, is in reality identical with the man just passed away, because his kamma is the same. Kamma then is the link that preserves the identity of a being through all the countless changes which it undergoes in its progress through Sams'ira
Page 460 - There is no heaven, no final liberation, nor any soul in another world, Nor do the actions of the four castes, orders, etc., produce any real effect. The Agnihotra, the three Vedas, the ascetic's three staves, and smearing one's self with ashes, Were made by Nature as the livelihood of those destitute of knowledge and manliness.
Page 145 - On that effulgent power, which is BRAHME himself, and is called the light of the radiant sun, do I meditate, governed by the mysterious light which resides within me for the purpose of thought; that very light is the earth, the...
Page 462 - Sanscrit and Arabic, which few Europeans will ever learn, because neither of them leads to any advantage in worldly pursuits: and if we give judgment only from the opinions of the native lawyers and scholars, we can never be sure that we have not been deceived by them.
Page 222 - May this oblation be efficacious." 3. "May the primeval ruling sages, who framed the female organ, as a fire that consumeth flesh, and thereby framed a procreating juice, grant the prolific power, that proceeds from the threehorned [bull] and from the sun. May this oblation be efficacious.

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