Whistling Horace

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Page 11 - Sol-Fa Choral Society at Mr. Sims Reeves' Concert. Price 6d. ; post free for 7 stamps. HANDEL'S ORATORIO "ATHALIA," in the Tonic Sol-fa Notation. Price Is. 6d. ; post free for 20 stamps. HANDEL'S ORATORIO " BELSHAZZAR," in the Tonic Sol-fa Notation: Price 3s. 6d.; post free for 45 stamps. NEW SERIES-SOL-FA SCHOOL BOOKS. PRICE ONE PENNY. LITTLE SUNBEAMS, No. 1, Simple Pieces for Infant Classes. LITTLE SUNBEAMS, No. 2, Do. do. LITTLE SUNBEAMS, No. 3, Do., do. SCHOOL DUETS, No.
Page 9 - TUTOR: a new and greatly improved Instruction Book (uniform with "SELECTIONS"); containing a concise Series of Lessons in Music, Instructions, Scales, and a variety of Popular Airs. Price 6d.; post free...
Page 13 - Tunes, Doxologies, and Chants, specially suited for the Hymn Books. Tonic Sol-fa Notation. In paper covers, price 6d. ; post free for 7 stamps. In cloth limp, 9d. ; post free for 10 stamps. MARRS...
Page 7 - This will be found to be the cheapest and best selection of Tunes for the Concertina published. In music folio, price 6d. ; post free for 7 stamps. MARRS' SELECTION OF ARMY AND NAVY TUNES for the CONCERTINA.
Page 12 - NATIONAL MELODIES (Scotch), No. 1, Simply arranged. NATIONAL MELODIES (Scotch), No. 2, Do. NATIONAL MELODIES (English), No. 3, Do. (This Series will include Melodies of principal Nations.) SCHOOL TRIOS, No. 1, Arranged for Senior Classes. SCHOOL TRIOS, No. 2, DO. do. SILVER BELLS, No. 1, A Selection of Two-Part Pieces suitable for Junior Classes.
Page 14 - ISmo, sewed, fancy cover. THE BUDGET OF ANECDOTE, WIT, AND HUMOUR; a Choice Collection of Anecdotes, Jests, Puns, and other Comic Sayings, selected from the best sources. 18mo, sewed, fancy cover. "PATCHWORK," a Book of Pun and Fun, compiled by Mr.
Page 8 - FOLKS' SONGS— SECULAR, arranged with Pianoforte Accompaniments by WM MILLER. A selection of 60 Songs, being a companion to Young Folks
Page 12 - Pieces suitable for Senior Classes. SILVER CHIMES, No. 2, Do. do. SILVER HORN. A Selection of Sacred and Secular Pieces suitable for the more advanced Classes In Day Schools. Price 2d., Post free for 3 Stamps. SACRED MUSIC IN THE OLD NOTATION. RA SMITH'S ANTHEMS, DOXOLOGIES, &c. : only Complete Edition, containing Thirteen Favourite Pieces not in any other; uniform with, and forming a companion to, " MARKS
Page 20 - Blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful...
Page 15 - Letters of Business, Relationship, and Love, illustrated by numerous examples of genuine Epistles from the pens of the best Writers. To which are added Forms of Letters of Introduction, Notes, Cards, &c. In paper covers, 6d. ; post free for 7 stamps. HOW TO DEBATE : a Manual for Debating Societies, with Hints as to Public Speaking. Price 2d. ; post free for 3 stamps. HOW TO BEHAVE : a Manual of Etiquette and Polite Behaviour, and Guide to correct Personal Habits : embracing Personal Habits, Dress,...

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