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DEAR SIR OR MADAM: British place-names? Why not retitle it British ISLES Place-names?
After all, Ireland is not on the island of Great Britain so how could it have British place-names?
with the ancient duchy of Cornwall. And does The Isle Of Man not get a look-in at all?
Even so, this is a book I just simply MUST have. By the way, if you refer to Britain or The Isle of Man or Ireland as The British Isles, someone in Ireland would be so upset he could give you a black eye!!
The Manx and the Irish do NOT like to be called British, simply because they are NOT British.
Now, what bookshop stocks this book? Can I order it online instead?

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I find this book to be an extremely valuable guide to how places got their names. It should be kept firmly in mind that the logic behind the meanings isn't guaranteed to be what the reader thinks it should be - things have changed a lot in the past 2,500 years - but this book isn't primarily concerned with the logic, just the meanings. It's the starting point for any further discovery, not the end result, unless the derivation is all you want to know. Without this, you wouldn't be able to start at all.
It also helps to undo some of the "fixes" people have insisted upon over the ages. ("Cambridge" translates to "Bridge over the river Granta", which apparently deeply offended the sensibilities of cartographers who renamed the river Cam as the original name was clearly an error on the part of the locals up to that point. And this was a Good Thing.)

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