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around p. 200, on the author seeing how two sites of interest may connect, and the only place for this connection can be in the work of art. the moment at which "that which is glorified in the work IS the work, when the work ceases in some way to have been made, to refer back to someone who made it, but gathers all the essence of the work in the fact that now there is a work--a beginning and initial decision--this moment which cancels the author." p.200
Also p. 47: "it is because, through a radical reversal, he already belongs to the work's requirements that, looking at a certain object, he is by no means content to see it as it might be if it were out of use, but makes the object the point through which the work's requirements pass and, consequently...the given world 'dissolves.'
See also p. 27 on the author giving silence to an undifferentiated mass of sound that is language.

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