The Courage of Captain Plum

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McKinlay, Stone & Mackenzie, 1912 - 319 pages

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Page 113 - ... the point. After a while, she and the chaperone had to take the train back to Bridgeport, but she gave me a rendezvous for later in the week. This was followed by others. In between times, and with many precautionary measures designed to keep her husband undisturbed, we wrote to each other. Finally one day she told me that she had made up her mind. She was leaving Fairfield, Connecticut, and her husband, and would go to live, at least for a while, with her Aunt Louise Mudge in Boston. I was still...
Page 104 - That is MacDougall with the lash — official whipper and caretaker of the slave hounds," explained Obadiah in a whisper. Nathaniel gave a start of horror. " Slave hounds ! " he breathed. ' The councilor grinned and twisted his hands in enjoyment of his companion's surprise. " We have the finest pack of bloodhounds north of Louisiana," he continued, so low that only Nathaniel could hear.
Page 261 - Your hands are tied to the post very loosely, with a slack of say six inches," continued Neil with an appalling precision. " There is a rawhide thong about your neck, wet, and so tight that it chafes your skin when you move your head. But the very uncomfortable thing just at this moment is the way your feet are fastened. Isn't that so? Your legs are drawn back, so...
Page 262 - You will hang upon the thong about your neck until you choke to death," finished Neil. "That's the 'Straight Death.' If the end doesn't come by morning the sun will finish the job. It will dry out the wet rawhide until it grips your throat like a hand. Poetically we call it the hand of Strang.
Page 97 - Croche, chief of sheriffs, scourge of the mainland — the Attila of the Mormon kingdom, whose very name caused the women of the shores to turn white and on whose head the men had secretly set a price in gold!
Page 114 - If they were not there, then she wished, without doubts or self-questionings, to enjoy the inmmense comfort and support that the sight of his face and the sound of his voice gave to her.
Page 132 - ... free expression, and as he watched his children he saw the truth as he had never seen it before, that human powers develop of themselves and in accordance with law. The problem of the teacher, therefore, was to understand the nature of this development in order to know how to guide and further it. This...
Page 178 - To the left a narrow staircase curved to the second floor, but she passed it and went on to the room at the end of the hall. The door was closed and for a moment she stood outside it with her hand on the smooth, cool knob.
Page 52 - But the women were in full view, three on each side of the table and one at the far end.

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