The School of Mines Quarterly, Volume 35

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Columbia University, 1914 - Mineral industries
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Page 265 - And, lastly, a serious, virtuous, and industrious Course of Life, being first provided for, it is further the Design of this College, to instruct and perfect the Youth in the learned Languages, and in the Arts of reasoning exactly, of writing correctly, and speaking eloquently ; and in the Arts of numbering and measuring • of Surveying and Navigation, of Geography and History, of Husbandry, Commerce and Government...
Page 290 - ... the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man, as the means of production and of traffic in states.
Page 273 - Fair Science her gates to thy sons shall unbar, And the east see thy morn hide the beams of her star. New bards, and new sages...
Page 273 - Whelm nations in blood, and wrap cities in fire; Thy heroes the rights of mankind shall defend, And triumph pursue them, and glory attend. A world is thy realm ; for a world be thy laws Enlarged as thine empire, and just as thy cause; On Freedom's broad basis that empire shall rise, Extend with the main, and dissolve with the skies.
Page 304 - Well I know who'll take the credit — all the clever chaps that followed — Came, a dozen men together — never knew my desert-fears; Tracked me by the camps I'd quitted, used the waterholes I'd hollowed. They'll go back and do the talking. They'll be called the Pioneers!
Page 348 - It is to a general diffusion of knowledge of this science, next to the virtue of our countrymen, that we are to look for the firm establishment of our independence. And may your endeavors, gentlemen, in this cause, entitle you to the gratitude of your fellow-citizens.
Page 350 - In our century, science is the soul of the prosperity of nations and the living source of all progress. Undoubtedly, the tiring daily discussions of politics seem to be our guide. Empty appearances! What really leads us forward are a few scientific discoveries and their application.
Page 180 - It is the understanding of your Committee that the term Bituminous Concrete is properly applied to any mixture suitable for paving purposes, composed of broken stone, sand and bituminous cement, mixed together before being laid, and which is laid while in a plastic condition. If the stone -is spread in place and the bituminous cement or binder applied afterward, the resulting product is Bituminous Macadam.
Page 324 - ... displays of metaphysical controversies. Indeed, at that time a few kitchen tables, some clumsy glassware, a charcoal furnace or two, some pots and pans, and a modest balance were all that was needed to make nature give her answers. These modest paraphernalia, eloquent by their very simplicity, brought forth rapidly succeeding discoveries. One of them was truly sensational: Liebig and Wohler succeeded in accomplishing the direct synthesis of urea; thinking men began to realize the far-reaching...
Page 325 - Coal tar, heretofore a troublesome by-product of gas manufacture, notwithstanding its uninviting, ill-smelling, black, sticky appearance, did not escape the general inquisitive tendency ; some of its constituents, like benzol or others, were isolated and studied. Under the brilliant leadership of Kekule', a successful attempt was made to correlate the rapidly increasing new experimental observations in organic chemistry into a new theory which would try to explain all the numerous facts ; a theory...

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