The Chess Journal, Issues 51-58

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O. A. Brownson., 1874 - Chess
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Page 616 - Bey th'e offer seizes, Triumph glistens in his eyes; Ah! rash youth, that thou had'st never Dared to risk so fair a prize! For impending ruin threatens To devote thy hapless love — But what piercing accents issue ÍFrom the latticed height above? Tis the beauteous Zaida crying, Half distracted: "Oh! my life, To the foe concede thy Castle, And from death preserve thy wife.
Page 616 - But with wary eye the Persian Marks each passion of the heart ; And the gallant, brave Alcanzor Yields, a victim to his art. Soon his ancient store of treasures, Soon his wealth and wide domain, Soon the glories of his fathers, Fall ; — the crafty Caliph's gain. Now he maddens as the lion Raging through the desert grove ; Now with desp'rate oath he pledges Zaida's beauties, Zaida's love.
Page 582 - A Committee, consisting of the gentlemen whose names appear in the above list, has been formed for the purpose of raising and presenting a testimonial to Mr. Lowenthal, in recognition of the high services rendered by him to the cause of Chess. These services, they feel convinced, are too well known to require more than the briefest possible recapitulation. During the past...
Page 494 - To bear all smooth and even, This sudden sending him away must seem Deliberate pause; diseases desperate grown By desperate appliance are relieved, Or not at all.
Page 574 - Perish that thought ! — no, never be it said ' That fate itself could awe the soul of Richard ! Hence, babbling dreams ! you threaten here in vain; Conscience, avaunt ! Richard's himself again! Hark ! the shrill trumpet sounds to horse ! away ! My soul's in arms, and eager for the fray ! [Exeunt.
Page 583 - Chronicle, &c., will also be fresh in your recollection. In the year 1860 appeared his edition of Morphy's Games, followed, in 1864, by The Games of the Chess Congress, both of which may now fairly be regarded as standard works of reference in connection with the game. During the years 1865 — 1867, he conducted the Chess Players' Magazine in a manner fully worthy his high reputation as a Chess Editor.
Page 666 - Illic & reges paribus capita alta coronis, Et regum pariter nuptas in bella paratas...
Page 460 - If Kt. takes Kt., Black would exchange Rooks and check at QB fourth, afterwards retaking the Knight, (p) This move is made with the view of avoiding the check at QB fourth. (?) This really assists Black, but so strong are the London entrenchments that no impression can be made upon them. (r) In this game, also, London is quite willing to give up the Queen for two Rooks. (s) A clever move, to avoid the exchange of the Queen for the two Rooks.
Page 666 - Et proprium servant prima statione colorem. Inde sagittiferi juvenes de gente nigranti Stant gemini, totidem pariter candore nivali, Nomen Areiphilos Graii fecere vocantes, Quod Marti ante alios cari fera bella lacessant.
Page 459 - Tbe result of the game between London and Vienna would seem to prove that the defence is safe, but that, like Newgate, it is also uncomfortable. (б) It is necessary to check before taking the Pawn, otherwise White may interpose his B. at K. third. (c) The Bishop must be interposed. If White play P. to QB third, Black retires his Bishop to R. fourth, after taking the Pawn, and has a safe position with Pawn plus. If the Knight be interposed...

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