Women painters of the world, from the time of Caterina Vigri, 1413-1463, to Rosa Bonheur and the present day

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Walter Shaw Sparrow
Hodder & Stoughton, 1905 - Painting - 330 pages
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Page ii - No male artist, however gifted he may be, will ever be able to experience all the emotional life to which women are subject. And no woman of abilities...
Page 63 - ... taught good. I could not live for art. It would not be what I was put into the world to do. Two homes have been given me, and it is that I may try to do what I can in them, seeing that they are mine for
Page ii - ... women makes this reviewer wonder why he undertook the project in the first place: "Style is the man in the genius of men, style is the woman in the genius of the fair." Thus, woman should not try to imitate man but should stick with the "prescient tenderness and grace of her nursery-nature" and present "the poetry of universal motherhood, common to the household hearts of good women the wide world over" (Rosa Bonheur, among others, might have had something to say on that score).
Page 63 - I could never attain to one work which would be what I see in my mind's eye, and if I could it would be and do less than was done by the great men of old, whose works have not yet quelled evil nor taught good.
Page 181 - Rosa Bonheur gave to woman a position equá to that of man. She won for herself unanimous admiration based, not on the singularity of her life, not on looseness of morals not on social triumphs, not on friends at Court, but on her robust virile, observant and well-considered talent, which in its...
Page ii - ... is included; oftentimes even the location of the original work is unspecified; and biographical material on the artists seems almost non-existent. Of historical interest is the attitude of the compiler, whose view of women makes this reviewer wonder why he undertook the project in the first place: "Style is the man in the genius of men, style is the woman in the genius of the fair.
Page 58 - But in recent times Angelica Kauffman has been remembered for the romance of her personal life and treated with cool contempt in all that appertains to her work.
Page 181 - Before hei day, the woman-painter had always been looked upon rathei as a phenomenon, or her place in the domain of art was conceded to her on the grounds that she was indulging in an elevating and tasteful pastime, coming under the category of
Page ii - Such pictures may not be the highest form of painting, but highest they are in their own realm of human emotion...
Page 70 - Alma-Tadema to be merely one of the happy chances of her life. A very similar thought arises in connection with the work of the late Miss Margaret Dicksee. It is easy to influence technique, but first causes are not set in action by human hands. If one who did not know her may say so, there is written on the canvases that Miss Dicksee has left behind the evidence of a most lovable nature.

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