The Path on the Rainbow: An Anthology of Songs and Chants from the Indians of North America

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Boni and Liveright, 1918 - American poetry - 347 pages

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Page 97 - The young men and the young women will regard you, The children will regard you, The chiefs will regard you, Happily, as they scatter in different directions, they will regard you, Happily, as they approach their homes, they will regard you. May their roads home be on the trail of peace, Happily may they all return. In beauty I walk, With beauty before me, I walk, With beauty behind me, I walk, With beauty above and about me, I walk. It is finished in beauty, It is finished in beauty.
Page 243 - ... and boil, and bound, and splash. Be strong, O paddle ! be brave, canoe ! The reckless waves you must plunge into. Reel, reel, On your trembling keel, But never a fear my craft will feel. We've raced the rapid, we're far ahead ! The river slips through its silent bed. Sway, sway, As the bubbles spray And fall in tinkling tunes away. And up on the hills against the sky, A fir tree rocking its lullaby, Swings, swings, Its emerald wings, Swelling the song that my paddle sings.
Page 82 - I have made your sacrifice. I have prepared a smoke for you. My feet restore for me. My limbs restore for me.
Page 35 - After the rushing waters had subsided the Lenape of the turtle were close together, in hollow houses, living together there. It freezes where they abode, it snows where they abode, it storms where they abode, it is cold where they abode.
Page 54 - I bid you hear me ! Into your midst has come a new life. Consent ye, I implore ! Make its path smooth, that it may reach the brow of the first hill...
Page 38 - A'yu tsl'gl tsuda'nta 0 0. Sge! Translation. CONCERNING LIVING HUMANITY (LOVE). Ku! Listen! In Alahi'yl you repose, O Terrible Woman, O you have drawn near to hearken. There in Elahiyi you are at rest, O White Woman. No one is ever lonely when with you. You are most beautiful. Instantly and at once you have rendered me a white man. No one is ever lonely when with me. Now you have made the path white for me. It shall never be dreary. Now you have put me into it. It shall never become blue. You have...
Page 99 - How joyous his neigh! Lo, the Turquoise Horse of Johano-ai, How joyous his neigh, There on precious hides outspread standeth he; How joyous his neigh, There on tips of fair fresh flowers feedeth he; How joyous his neigh, There of mingled waters holy drinketh he; How joyous his neigh, There he spurneth dust of glittering grains; How joyous his neigh, There in mist of sacred pollen hidden, all hidden he; How joyous his neigh, There his offspring many grow and thrive for evermore; How joyous his neigh!
Page 95 - With the rainbow hanging high on the ends of your wings, come to us soaring With the near darkness made of the...
Page 28 - Oh I am thinking Oh I am thinking I have found my lover Oh I think it is so.
Page 109 - I ate the thornapple leaves And the leaves made me dizzy. I drank thornapple flowers And the drink made me stagger. The hunter, Bow-remaining, He overtook and killed me, Cut and threw my horns away. The hunter, Reed-remaining, He overtook and killed me, Cut and threw my feet away. Now the flies become crazy And they drop with flapping wings. The drunken butterflies sit With opening and shutting wings.

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