Morale, the Supreme Standard of Life and Conduct

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D. Appleton, 1920 - Morale - 377 pages

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Page 93 - Is hereby, authorized to present, in the name of Congress, a medal of honor to any person who, while in the naval service of the United States, shall, in action involving actual conflict with the enemy, distinguish himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty and without detriment to the mission of his command or the command to which attached.
Page 328 - The time is out of joint ; — Oh cursed spite, That ever I was born to set it right...
Page 1 - ... its real scope. It is simply this — to keep ourselves, body and soul, and our environment, physical, social, industrial, etc., always at the very tip-top of condition. This super-hygiene is best designated as Morale. It implies the maximum of vitality, life abounding, getting and keeping in the very centre of the current of creative evolution ; and minimizing, destroying, or avoiding all checks, arrests and inhibitions to it.
Page 1 - This mysterious developmental urge, entelechy, will-to-live, elan vital, horme, libido, nisus, or by whatever name it is called, which made all the ascending orders of life and in Man-soul itself evolved mind, society, language, myths, industry, gods, religion — in short, all human institutions, and, lastly, science, is in some strong, in others weak, and in the same individual it is now high, now low; but its presence makes and absence destroys, morale. The story of the retardations and advancements...
Page 327 - The revolutionary era compels the proletariat to make use of the means of battle which will concentrate its entire energies, namely, mass action, with its logical resultant direct conflict with the governmental machinery in open combat. All other methods, such as revolutionary use of bourgeois parliamentarism, will be of only secondary significance.
Page 188 - Recalled to life: a journal devoted to the care, re-education and return to civil life of disabled sailors and soldiers Reconstruction: bulletin published by the Invalided Soldiers Commission, Canada Red Cross Institute for Crippled and Disabled Men.
Page 20 - Morale" as the cult of condition. The book is a plea for a new criterion of all human worths and values. The home, the state, and other human institutions must be revaluated by the standard of what they contribute to individual, industrial, and social morale.
Page 17 - ... it is good at the core, and all evil is subordinate to good, that even if we are defeated and overwhelmed in a good cause, all is not lost; when we feel that we live for something that we would die for, if need be — this is morale.
Page 288 - Now, morale consists in acting up to our best knowledge, and the loss of it is marked by the accumulation of dead knowledge not cast into conduct forms or wrought into habit. It is just here that we find at least one bright spot in the somber horizon, viz., physical culture, not so much as it is as it seems beginning to be and may sometime become if more of its leaders have more vision.
Page 42 - ... emulation, so gregarious is man. An instance of it actually seen is, of course, far more impressive. Hocking tells of a piper who found a large company of men who had thrown themselves on the ground, exhausted and in despair, expecting annihilation, who were rallied by two friends, one of whom marched up and down with a penny whistle while the other imitated playing a drum, until the wearied men were given cheer and arose, saying, "We'll follow you to hell," and were finally led to safety. Here...

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