The Report of the Missioner of agriculture

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Page 355 - For the instruction of youth in the various common school, academic and collegiate branches, the best method of teaching the same, and the best mode of practical industry in its application to agriculture and the mechanic arts...
Page 360 - Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas .. .... University of Vermont and State Agricultural College. Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College...
Page 346 - By an act of the trustees passed in April, 1872, women are admitted to the university on the same terms as men, except that they must be eighteen years of age. A separate building, called the " Sage College for Women,
Page 396 - That we earnestly request the Legislature of our State at its next session to enact a law regulating freights and fares on our railroads, upon a basis of justice, and that we further request our Members of Congress to urge the favorable action 'of that body, where the full power exists beyond all doubt, to the same end ; and, if need be, to construct national highways at the expense of the Government.
Page 352 - ... political, rural, and household economy, horticulture, moral philosophy, history, bookkeeping, and especially the application of science and the mechanic arts to practical agriculture in the field.
Page 380 - State susceptible of reclamation at moderate cost, their probable yield per acre, and the estimated income therefrom per annum. He says: According to a late report of the surveyor-general of California, there are about 3,000,000 acres of swamp and overflowed lands in this State. If these lands were all reclaimed and under cultivation, they would, in his opinion, produce more for a given number of years than all the rest of the land in the State together. To his personal knowledge 80 bushels of wheat...
Page 186 - ... this point, What means have we of ascertaining the perfectly healthy structure, and chemical state of tubers ? Every farmer plants what he deems sound tubers, yet in the majority of cases, since 1845, the crop during very moist seasons has been more generally affected than it was prior to that date. The severity of attacks of fungi on plants will depend in some cases on the density of their organic structure and the solubility of their nitrogenous matter. The nitrogenous principle of potatoes,...
Page 187 - Penicillium glaucum. In this case the inverted cavity will retain the moisture, and as a consequence slight fermentation will ensue, the fungus deriving its nutriment from the potato ; but the upper surface, although fully exposed to the floating germs in the atmosphere, will not sustain a fungus growth, in consequence of the free evaporation of the moisture from it. This form of fermentation should not be confounded with that produced by the fungus of potato-rot, Peronospom infestans.
Page 351 - To provide a college or department in said university, the leading object whereof shall be, without excluding other scientific and classic studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, in such manner as hereinafter stated, in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions of life.
Page 259 - Having described in detail the process of elimination, the author says the exhausted plants are used for a manure, for although the boughs on being planted in the soil would again grow, they would not yield either in quality or quantity enough to pay the expenses of culture. Fownes...

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