The Wasps of Aristophanes, with notes by T. Mitchell

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Page v - who, being much troubled with the tooth-ach, after they had spent their goods upon physicians, without receiving at all any ease of their pain, have found no more ready remedy, than to put the said chronicles betwixt two pieces of linen cloth made very hot, and so apply them to the place that smarteth.
Page 133 - And the bee, that is in the land of Assyria : And they shall come, and they shall light all of them, On the desolate valleys, and on the craggy rocks ; And on
Page 196 - Venez, pauvres enfans, qu'on veut rendre orphelins, Venez faire parler vos esprits enfantins. Oui, Messieurs, vous voyez ici notre misère. Nous sommes orphelins, rendez-nous notre père, Notre père par qui nous fûmes engendrés,
Page 22 - by tale and not by weight, of which we have any account, consisted of spikes, or small obelisks of brass or iron. Six of these being as many as the hand could conveniently grasp, the words obolus and drachma, signifying spike and handful, continued, after the invention of coining, to be employed in expressing the
Page 190 - at the fee, and gave no sign ; — but the fee increased, and the powers of memory increased with it) — ' To be sure I do ;' ' Then come into the court and swear it." And Straw-shoe went into the court and swore it. Athens abounded in Straw-shoes.
Page vi - a god in some sense he was ; for to no earthly tribunal lay there an appeal from him : his person was irresponsible, his decrees irreversible; and if ever there was a despotism complete in itself, " pure, unsophisticated, dephlegmated, defecated" despotism, it was that of an Athenian court of judicature.
Page 151 - occasioned a small expense, which amounted every day, ie for the 300 days of business, to a drachma, and not for each speech, as the Scholiast of Aristophanes erroneously asserts. As these advocates were ten in number, the whole expense amounted to half a talent a year.
Page 208 - О the days that are gone by, О the days so blithe and bland, When my foot was strong in dance, and the spear was in my hand: Then my limbs and years were green — I could toil and yet to spare, And the foeman to his cost knew what strength and mettle are
Page 115 - It is remarkable, that whereas the Greeks and Latins by mixed wine always understood wine diluted and lowered with water ; the Hebrews on the contrary generally mean by it wine made stronger and more inebriating, by the addition of higher
Page 49 - ils bruslent, escartelent, décapitent, meurdrissent, emprisonnent, ruinent et minent tout sans discrétion de bien et de mal. Car parmy eux vice est vertus appelle: meschanceté est bonté surnommée : trahison ha nom de

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