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George Jameson, James McNutt, Alex. Montgomery. Proved, 21st August, 1770, by Jameson. George Martin qualifies executor, with Joseph Berry, James Buchanan, Alex. McNutt.

Page 323.—22d August, 1770. Felix Gilbert's bond (with John Madison) as administrator of William Sallix.

Page 325.—18th August, 1770. James Hogshead, Jr.'s, improvements valued—89 acres joining James' other land and Thomas Bradshaw, by Roger Kilpatrick, William McKemey, Wm. Anderson.

Page 325.—4th November, 1769. George Darr's estate, appraised by Robert Breckinridge, John Nelly, Joseph Cloyd.

Page 326.—22d August, 1770. William Sharp's bond (with John Poage) as guardian to Jane Meek, orphan of John Meek.

Prge 326.—22d August, 1770. Michael Mallow's bond (with Jno. Poage, Dan!. Smith) as administrator of Noah Roundtree.

Page 328.—22d August, 1770. Jacob Warren's appraisement (by Jno. Her.ton. David Ralstone, Reuben Harrison) recorded.

Page 329.—7th July, 1770. Jacob Warren's estate sold by Anne Warren—To Alexander West, Michael Warren, John Werren, Timothy Warren, Edmond Warren, John Broion, Robert Mathes, Abriham Lincoln, Mary Warren, Methias McGlamry.

Page 331.—3d August, 1770. John Brown's estate, appraised by James Ewing, William McPheeters, John Buchanan.

Page 334.—11th April A. D., 1769 (vid p. 150, supra.). The moveable effects of Isaac Brackfield, deceased, sold at public auction as follows, viz: Drs. William Barefield, John Bear, Anthony Rader, Michael Lamb, Jacob Holman, Mathias Rader, Jacob Miller, Conrad Humble, Michael Kintner, Thomas Pickens, James Johnson, Christopher Brackfield, George Kintner, Saml. Nicholas, Rese Thomas, Martin Craider, Adam Rader, Sr., George Trumbo, James Cain, James Beggs, Michael Hannegam, Jacob Brackfield.

Page 328.—Isaac Brackfield's estate settled by Jacob Miller—Paid a minister's stipend.

Page 339 (vid pp. 409-10).—25th August, 1770. Benj. Harrison's bond (with Andw. Bird and David Bell) as administrator of Danl. Harrison.

Page 340 (vid pp. 409-10).—25th August, 1770. Sarah Harrison's bond (with Abrm. Smith) as executrix of Daniel Harrison.

Page 341.—27th August, 1770. Mathew Shaup's estate in account with Jacob Nicholas.

Page 342.—20th April, 1770. Division line between Augusta and Botetourt, beginning on South Mountain by a spring of Pedlar Creek on Amherst line where South River or Mary Creek empties into North Branch of James River, up the river to Kerr's Creek, up the creek to its upper fork at Gilmore's Gape, crosses Cowpasture River in Donnelly's place, crosses road between Hot and Warm Springs, crosses Jackson's River in John Dean's place, crosses Back Creek to Anthony's Creek Mountain.

Page 343.—31st October, 1768. Michael O'Donley's estate, appraised by John McClure, Saml. Black, Wm. Black.

Page 344.—20th November, 1770. George Mathews' bond (with Sampson Mathews, John Archer, Pet. Hog) as sheriff.

Page 347—20th November, 1770. Thomas Hicklen's bond (with Hugh and John Hicklin) as guardian to Christopher Graham, orphan of Robert Graham.

Page 347.—20th November, 1770. Charles Rush's bond (with Daniel Sink, Peter Miller) as administrator of Nicholas Hoffman.

Page 349.—20th November, 1770. Elizabeth Coffman's bond (with Sebasten Hover, Adam Rodeback) as administratrix of Henry Coffman.

Page 350.—2d September, 1770. William Henderson's will, aged about 71 years—To wife; two sons, William and David Henderson; to son, James; to three sons-in-law, David and Joseph Bell and John Leeper; to Shusanna Henderson, daughter of son John Henderson; to Shusanna Finley, daughter to daughter Martha; to granddaughter, Jeen Teas. Executors, wife, and brother, Samuel Henderson, and testator's son, James Henderson. Teste: Walter Davis, John Carlile. Proved, 20th November, 1770, by the witnesses. James Henderson qualifies executor, with Samuel Henderson, John Carlile.

Page 353.—21st November, 1770. Thomas and Charles Lewis' bond (with John Bowyer, John Madison) as guardian to William Long, orphan of William Long.

Page 354.—14th August A. D., 1770. John Stephenson's estate, appraised by Thomas Wilson, John McClung, James McCampbell, James Buchanan—William Chambers' account, insolvent; John Michel Siver*s bond, not all solvent; Eracker Smith, James Doearn.

Page 357.—21st November, 1770. Alexander Robertson's appraisement (by John McMahon, Robt. Stevenson, James Allen, Arthur Conoley).

Page 358.—30th August, 1770. John Smith's estate, appraised by Robert McClenachan, Pat. Buchanan, Jno. Buchanan.

Page 360.—26th November, 1770. Alex. McClenachan's bond (with John McClenachan) as guardian to Elizabeth and Martha Wilson, orphans of Saml. Wilson.

Page 361.—27th November, 1770. George Brown's estate in account with James Sawyers.

Page 361. November, 1770. George Rodgers' estate, settlement

recorded—1769, 23d March, cash paid Thomas Smith for Coffin; cash paid Thomas Poage for flour and butter at the funeral; 1768, 30th June, cash paid Robert Philips for hunting horses; 1768, 10th October, cash paid Hugh Johnston for the corps, cash paid Robert Hartgrove for warning to the funeral; 1769, October, cash paid Owen Sullivan for drawing this account; cash paid for washing, fire, candles, and attendance the corps two days and a night; cash paid Caleb Foulke's bond; cash paid Saml. Hudson's bond; cash paid Andrew Tybout's bond; cash paid Dr. John Watkins; 1768, 16th November, cash received of Benj. Early, James Lessley's wife, ditto Philip Harly.

Page 364.—29th November, 1770. George Mathews' bond (with Samp. Mathews, Thos. Madison, John Madison, Jr.) for collection of County proportion.

Page 365.—15th January, 1771. John Frogg's bond (with John Madison, Jr., Sampson Mathews) as administrator of Arthur Frogg.

Page 367.—19th March, 1771. William Bowyer's bond (with Michael Bowyer, Thomas Madison) as administrator of William Christian.

Page 3G8.—26th May, 1770. John Smith's will—To wife, Barbara; to son, Jacob, 80 acres of the plantation already bought; to sons, John and Peter Villortin; to daughter, Margaret Penner; to daughter, Madline Howe *

(Hone). Executors, wife Barbara and son Jacob. Teste: Jon. Henderson, James Buchanan, Thomas Scott. Proved, 19th March, 1771, by James Buchanan and Scott. Both executors qualify (Barbara, her mark), with John Poage.

Page 370.—13th December, 1770. Henry Coffman's estate appraised, by Abraham Bird, Jacob Miller, &c.

Page 372.—30th November, 1770. John Nicholas Coffman's estate appraised by Jacob Nicholas, Daniel Price, &c.

Page 374.—20th March, 1771. Margaret Linsey's estate settled by John Gilmore—Paid Alexander Deal, John Beaty, Robt. McLehenny, Timothy Ryan, Wm. Porter, Alex, and Robt. Tedford.

Page 375.—28th August, 1770. Patrick Martin's estate appraised by Thomas Berry, Saml. McCutchen, Geo. Jameson.

Page 377.—20th March, 1771. John Patterson's appraisement (by George Eliot, James Gambel, John Hall) recorded.

Page 378.—23d September, 1709. Robert Allison's estate appraised by William Hall, Joseph Walker.

Page 379.—22d March, 1770. John Donnelly, Sr.'s, estate settlement recorded—William Preston, administrator, 1765. 1765, cash paid Saml. Piper for making a coffin. 1765, 29th October, cash paid Joseph Cloyd for rum for vendue. Cash paid Drewry Puckett, James McAffee, David Fleming, Joseph McDonald, Conrad Wall, James Cloyd, administratrix of Abraham Biss. Has paid the widow her thirds, and three of the children. Estate sold at vendue to, viz: Danl. McCormick, Walter Stewart, Drury Puckett, Archd. Fisher, Michael Reesener, James Laughlin, Elizabeth Hance, George Darr, Wm. Thornton.

Page 381.—27th November, 1770. William Henderson's estate appraised by Walter Davis, Thomas Rutledge, Alex. Long—Bonds of Lazarus Inman, Sith Rodgers, Andrew Russell, Sr. and Jr.

Page 383.—21st March, 1771. James Patton's settlement of estate recorded—John Buchanan, executor; 1758, 22d April, paid Francis Riely; 1765, 5th June, to putting Ratclif's place into the office where it was tossed, for the estate; 1761, 14th August, cash paid Dr. Thomas Walker for his claim to Burke's Garden; 1761, 26th June, cash paid Zachariah Lewis for his 6th share of the Roanoke and James River Grant, which share is annexed to the estate of Col. Patton; 1761, 27th June, to my third of 182 acres on ye North Fork of Roanoke sold to James Bryans for £150; 1766, September, to cash paid John Moffett for 170 acres, part of which had been surveyed for and sold to Michael Dougherday by Col. Patton by mistake; 1756—8th September, by cash of Wm. Armstrong (Roanoke); 20th September, Wm. Ralston; 1757—7th February, Wm. Snodgrass; 19th February, John Marshall; 23d April, James Hutton; 13th January, John Stevens; 1758—20th February, Ester Sawyers; 22d April, John Potts; 1759—17th May, Hugh Carruthers; 1760—25th February, Wm. Carravin; 25th August, Peter Ipsher; 1761—11th July, James Bane; 14th November, Jacob Harmon, Sr., for the Horse Shoe Bottom; 1763—16tfi June, Joseph Crockett on account of John McCurry; 1764—16th November, Nicholas Welsh on account of Placeard Scilor; 1767—Frederick Stern by John Taylor, who has purchased his land; 5th March, widow Bowen, Sr.; 1768—12th September, by cash of Danl. Goodwin for Mathias Vance's old place sold him; 1768—27th January, John Peary for land sold him, formerly sold to Kemp; 22d February, Thos. Goodson for Wm. McCurry and Thos. Wilson.

Page 389.—12th September, 1767. John Donelly's estate appraised by James McCown, Lanty Armstrong, John Armstrong, Bryan McDonald.

Page 389.—14th October, 1769. Col. John Buchanan's estate appraised by John Blackimore, Jos. How, Saml. Pepper.

Page 391.— — 1769. William Salix's estate in account with Felix Gilbert.

Page 392. 1770. David Black's estate in account with Saml. Black,


Page 394.—24th March, 1771. Saml. Floyd's bond (with Robert Armstrong, Charles Floyd) as administrator of William Floyd.

Page 396.—22d March, 1771. Elliott (Ellet) Rutherford's bond (with Daniel Smith, John Gratton) as guardian to Robert, Joseph, Reuben, Mary Rutherford, orphans of Thomas Rutherford.

Page 397.—26th March, 1771. Henry King's bond (with Saml. McKee) as guardian to John Cockran, orphan of Jno. Cockran.

Page 398.—30th July, 1769. John Harrison's will, cordwinder—To wife. Phoebe; to son, Zebulun; to son, Reuben, the Long Meadow plantation; to daughter, Pheby Moore; to daughter, Ann Langdon. Executors, sons Zebulon and Reuben. A Baptist minister to preach his funeral sarment. Teste: Felix Sheltman, John Ray, John Harrison, Jr. Proved, 21st May, 1771, by Ray and Harrison. Executors qualify with Archibald Huston, James Beard.

Page 401.—16th May, 1771. Bill of sale by Andrew Boyd to William Preston, executor of James Patton, of 5 negro slaves and sold by Preston to Andrew Boyd and Mary Boyd, his wife, eldest daughter of Col. John Buchanan, deceased, and Margaret, his wife, in compliance with the will of James Patton.

Page 402.—21st May, 1771. Robert Risk's bond (with Moses Moore, Danl. Meek) as guardian to James Risk, orphan of James Risk.

Page 403.— — May, 1771. Archibald and John Hopkins' (commissioners) assignment of dower to Sarah Harrison (widow) recorded.

Page 404.—10th October, 1770. John Berry's will—To daughter, Mary; to John Nesbit; to John Berry, son of James Berry, deceased; to John Berry, son of William Berry; to John Berry, son of William Berry; to John Berry, son of Francis Berry; to Francis Berry, wheelwright; to Mary Berry, daughter of Wm. Berry, and her sister Elizabeth; to Elizabeth Berry, daughter of Charles Berry; to daughter, Rebecca Berry. Executors, Alexander Walker, wheelwright, and Wm. Edmastonn. Teste: John Walker, Jr., James Walker, Francis Berry. Proved, 22d March, 1771, by John, John (Jr.), and James Walker. Executors qualify (Edmiston's mark —) with John Walker, Jas. Crawford.

Page 407.—23d May, 1771. Estate of John Cloyd, Dr., to James Cloyd— To paid Martin Allen, cryer of vendue.

Page 408.—8th June, 1767. Daniel Harrison's will—To wife; to Sarah Stevenson, his wife's daughter; to son, Benjamin Harrison, youngest son; to children. Teste: Andrew Johnson, John Johnson, Robt. Brown, Andrew Johnson's deposition taken in Culpeper County, 13th May, 1771, before James Barbour, Jr., and Robert Throckmorton. Proved, 25th August, 1770, by John Johnson. • Executors qualified as above, vid., pages 339, 340.


Page 411.—13th August, 1771. John Berry's estate appraised by Joseph Culton, John Walker, John Stewart—Bonds of Hugh and Francis McClung; Wm. McGaughey, not solvent; Robert Farice, not solvent; Peter Cutwright, solvent; Robt. Buchanan, solvent.

Page 412.—3d June, 1769. David Graham's estate appraised by John Davis, Archibald Smithers, Wm. Hutcheson. Accounts against, viz., Job Fletcher, Thomas Mann, Robert Vachob, Jas. Fitzpatrick.

Page 414. 1776. Later appraisement of Wm. Fitzgeral's estate—

To a cow killed for use of soldiers at Fort McNeil.

Page 414.—20th August, 1771. Mary M. Gregory's bond (with John McClenachan, Saml. Vance, Henry Gay) as administratrix of James Gregory.

Page 415.—20th May, 1771. Mary Dice's bond (with George Hammer, Mathias Dice) as administratrix of George Dice.

Page 417.—7th July, 1771. William Elliott's will-- To wife; to son, James; to son, John; to son, William; to rest of the children; to son, Archibald, schooling and smith's trade; to son, Lanty, schooling and choose a trade. Executors, wife Jane and son John. Teste: Robert Clark, John Stephenson, James Clark. Proved, 21st August, 1771, by the witnesses. Executors qualify (Jane's mark —) with Archibald Armstrong, Jno. Dickinson.

Page 420.—21st August, 1771. Michael (Micael) Mallow petitions that one Noah Rountree was murdered on his plantation by the barbarity of one Jes (Ies) Townsend, who was tried in this court and sent to Williamsburg. Micael has buried the corpse and had the estate appraised and sold and holds, subject to the court's order, viz: Sold to George Cauger, Saml. Skidmore, by expense of burying.

Page 421.—21st August, 1771. A general account of debts paid due from the estate of Wm. Fitzjeral, deceased, by John McCaslin, administrator. 1776, August, to Edward Simpson for his son. Credit by the sale bill, viz: To Thomas Spencer, Francis Jackson, Timothy Sulivan, Edward Thompson.

Page 423—2d May, 1771. William Lusk's will—To sons, John and William Lusk, in Carolina, 5 shillings each; to daughter, Mary Philips; to son, Joseph; to wife, Elizabeth; to daughters, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Margaret. Executors, wife Elizabeth, with Andrew Hays, Sr., and Saml. Lyle. Teste: Archd. Alexander, Daniel Lyle, James Lyle, Jr. Proved, 20th August, 1771, by Daniel and James Lyle, and on 21st August, 1771, and Saml. Lyle and Andrew Hays qualify with Andrew Mc(Mis)Campbell, Thomas Vance.

Page 425.—27th June, 1766. William Johnson's will (about to remove out of Virginia to Pennsylvania)—To brother, Michael Johnston, now living in Upper Freehold in East Jersey; to only daughter, Mary Johnston, when she comes to age of 18, which will be in 1776. Executors, Alexander Thompson. Teste: John Thompson, Sarah Thompson, James Thorp. Proved, 21st August, 1771, by John and Sarah Thompson. Executor qualifies with Robert and John Thompson.

Page 428.—4th April, 1771. John Stuawart's (Stewart) will, of the Middle River of Shanadoe—To wife, Mary; to Saml. Henderson and Geo.

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