Commercial and Architectural St. Louis

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Dumont Jones, 1891 - Architecture - 263 pages
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Page 198 - Grafton stone of ihe same size, will produce an equal shortening in both ; while the elastic limit (or breaking point) of the stone is not far below the limit at which the wrought iron would be permanently shortened. A column of the stone two inches in diameter and eight inches long was shortened under compression in the testing machine nearly one quarter of an inch without fracturing it. When the strain was removed the piece recovered its original length.
Page 62 - By rule the trustees fixed 18 as the age for membership in the Society. The Board consisted of sixteen members. The President of the Board of Public Schools, the Superintendent of Public Schools and the principals of the High and Normal Schools were ex-officio members, and the first named was ex-officio President of the Board. The remaining twelve members were to be elected by the Society...
Page 198 - ... below the river bed, and it has not been met with anywhere south of this point presenting similar lithological characters to those which distinguished it in Northern Illinois. Mr. PRATTEN'S analysis of a specimen of this rock from the Grafton quarries gave the following results : Insoluble matters 5.60 Carbonate of lime 47.79 Iron and alumina 1.40 Carbonate of magnesia : 42.86 Water and loss 2.35 100.00 At Salt Lick...
Page 50 - College completed its new building in the fall of 1893. It is of pressed brick, with stone and terra-cotta trimmings, three stories and basement. The main amphitheater is on the second floor, 31 by 41 feet, and will seat 275 students. The entire building is heated by steam and lighted by electricity. The medical department of Buffalo University now occupies its new building on High street, near Main. It is finished with terra cotta, pressed brick, iron, and hard wood. It contains three amphitheaters,...
Page 122 - ... to 2121 Singleton street, but so extensive has his business become that he finds even these large premises inadequate, and is preparing to build additional manufacturing premises. The works on Singleton street are equipped with a 45 horse-power engine, eight mills and all the latest improved machinery. Mr. Thalmann employs none but the most skilled labor, and carries on all the processes of printing ink manufacture, buying nothing but the raw oils and colors. Everything else is produced in the...
Page 196 - ... compressive strength have been made in the Company's testing machine, where its resistance has, in several instances, exceeded 17,000 pounds per square inch, which is equal to that of granite. A curious fact has been developed by these tests, which is that the modulus of elasticity of this 8toue is about the same as that of wrought iron.
Page 95 - The purpose of the agency is to furuish to its subscribers, for business purposes, information as to the standing of merchants, manufacturers, bankers, etc., and the agency expends millions annually in the effort to gather its vast stores of information, and to make its reports accurate. The St. Louis branch of the agency is located in the Gay Building, corner of Pine and Third streets.
Page 20 - The Evening Chronicle.— This paper was established July 3, 1880, by a. company which also owns the Cincinnati " Evening Post," the Detroit "News," and the Cleveland, O., "Evening Press.
Page 122 - ... all the processes of printing ink manufacture, buying nothing but the raw oils and colors. Everything else is produced in the factory; he has his own black room, makes his own lamp black, and manufactures lithographic, steel plate, book, job, news and all kinds of printing inks, black and colored, of highest grade. His patronage steadily increases from year to year and is very large, including, besides a heavy city business, a large trade in the States of Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana,...
Page 62 - ... accomplish in the broad field opened to it by the financial and other resources of its new building. The latter is constructed of granite, brick, terra cotta and iron, and is thoroughly fire-proof throughout. The entrance to the library is located on Locust street, at the northwest corner of the building. Visitors will enter a handsomely furnished reception room, take a hydraulic elevator of the most approved construction, and in a few seconds find themselves in one of the most elegant and complete...

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