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I didn't really like it because it never really talks about cyber-harassment. It talks about all the laws and legal stuff yeah but, never really starts to talk about cyber it self!

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Q. How did you like the book?
A. Frankly, it was too specialized for me, in the field of law, I mean. Clearly, this is Danielle's field and passion, but the lengthy recitation of laws that might
or might not apply to cyber stalking and cyber harassment were just too detailed and took up too much of the book. On the other hand, her case studies of people who were victims of cyber crimes were interesting. Had she included more of these, and less out of the law books, it would have been a more interesting book.
Q. But you learned some new things about crimes in cyber space?
A. Yes. This kind of specialized bullying is hard to understand. As Danielle notes, most of the bullies and stalkers are males. It makes you think deeply about why young males today, especially in America but also Europe, have all this pent up aggression, and then use sneaky means to direct it toward females. I sometimes wonder if another big war would help them direct their aggressions elsewhere. But this has been brought up in other venues, the displacement of aggression.
Q. Would you recommend the book for the general reader?
A. No, only people specifically in the field of cyber crime. For others, you may learn some things, and you can skim it better than expecting to go through it word for word. Too much legalese, as noted.

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