Proposed Building Law for Medium Sized Cities: As Drafted by a Commission Appointed Pursuant to Chapter 579, Laws of 1892 of New York State ... Issued June, 1893, by the Committee on Construction of Buildings of the National Board of Fire Underwriters ...

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The Committee, 1893 - Building laws - 64 pages

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Page 49 - All doorways in said walls shall have fireproof doors. No floor register for heating shall be permitted. No coil or radiator shall be placed in any aisle or passageway used as an exit; but all said coils and radiators shall be placed in recesses formed in the wall or partition to receive the same. All supply, return or exhaust pipes shall be properly incased and protected where passing through floors or near woodwork.
Page 38 - The proscenium opening shall be provided with a fireproof metal curtain, or a curtain of asbestos, or other fireproof material approved by the...
Page 52 - There shall be balconies not less than four feet in width in the said open court, or courts, at each level or tier above the parquet, on each side of the auditorium, of sufficient length to embrace the two exits; and from said balconies there shall be staircases extending to the ground level, with a rise of not over eight and one half inches to a step, and not less than cine inches tread, exclusive of the nosing.
Page 42 - Buildings, and shall be suspended for ten feet by wire rope All ducts or shafts used for conducting heated air from the main chandelier, or from any other light or lights, shall be constructed of metal and made double, with an air space between.
Page 52 - In addition to the aforesaid entrances and exits on the street, there shall be reserved for service in case of an emergency, an open court or space on the side not bordering on the street, where said building is located on a corner lot; and on both sides of said building, where there is but one frontage on the street.
Page 47 - All that portion of the stage, not comprised in the working of scenery, traps and other mechanical apparatus for the presentation of a scene, usually equal to the width of the proscenium opening, shall be built of iron or steel beams, filled in between with tire-proof material, and all girders for the support of said beams shall be wrought iron or rolled steel.
Page 45 - ... the theatre on each tier, equal to the combined width of exits opening on opposite sides in each tier, communicating with balconies and staircases leading to the street in manner provided elsewhere in this section; said exit passages shall be entirely cut off by brick walls from said offices, stores or apartments, and the floors and ceilings in each tier shall be fireproof~ 2.
Page 41 - All inside stairways leading to the upper galleries of the auditorium shall be inclosed on both sides with walls of fireproof materials. Stairs leading to the first or lower gallery may be left open on one side, in which case they shall be constructed as herein provided for similar stairs leading from the entrance hall to the main floor of the auditorium. But in no case shall stairs leading to any gallery be left open on both sides.
Page 45 - Nothing herein contained shall prevent a roof garden, art gallery or rooms for similar purposes being placed above a theatre or public building, provided the floor of the same, forming the roof over such theatre or building, shall be constructed of iron or steel and fireproof materials, and that said floor shall have no covering boards or sleepers of wood, but shall be of tile or cement.
Page 40 - ... shall be located on opposite sides of said galleries. Where there are more than two galleries, one or more additional staircases shall be provided, the outlets from which shall communicate directly with the principal exit or other exterior outlets. All said staircases shall be of width proportionate to the seating capacity as elsewhere herein prescribed.

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