Easy Latin for Sight Reading for Secondary Schools: Selections from Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles, Lhomond's Urbis Romae Viri Inlustres, and Gellius' Noctes Atticae

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Very good book. An easy read I love to read all about Latin! Especially when it is easy sight-reading! I would give this book a big ol' two thumbs up. When someone asks me about whether it's easy to read his book I say "No problemo muchacho!" Very nice book I would recommended to a friend. 

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Page 4 - UP from the meadows rich with corn, Clear in the cool September morn, The clustered spires of Frederick stand Green-walled by the hills of Maryland.
Page 139 - grandi iam aetate et morbo corporis diutino adfectus, Tarentum ex urbe Roma concessisset, Accius tune, haut parvo iunior, proficiscens in Asiam, cum in oppidum venisset, devertit ad Pacuvium comiterque invitatus plusculisque ab eo diebus retentus, tragoediam suam cui Atreus nomen est desi3 deranti legit." Turn Pacuvium dixisse aiunt sonora quidem esse quae scripsisset et grandia, sed videri 4 tamen ea sibi duriora paulum et acerbiora. " Ita est," inquit Accius, " uti dicis, neque id me sane paenitet...
Page 32 - HERCULES Hercules, a Greek hero celebrated for his great strength, was pursued throughout his life by the hatred of Juno. While yet an infant, he strangled some serpents sent by the goddess to destroy him. During his boyhood and youth he performed various marvelous feats of strength, and on reaching manhood succeeded in delivering the Thebans from the oppression of the Minyae. In a fit of madness sent upon him by Juno, he slew his own children; and on consulting the Delphic oracle as to how he should...
Page 28 - THE GORGON'S HEAD Res erat difficillima abscidere caput Gorgonis; ejus enim 40 cOnspectu homines in saxum vertebantur. Propter hanc causam Minerva illud speculum dederat. Perseus igitur tergum vertit, et in speculum lnspiciebat; hoc modo ad locum venit ubi Medusa dormiebat. Tum falce sua caput ejus uno ictu abscldit.
Page 137 - immo vero carum, si quantum quisque volet bibat ; nam ego bibi, quantum volui.
Page 69 - ... nondum ad petendum legitima aetas esset, " Si ''" me " inquit " omnes Quirites aedilem facere volunt, satis annorum habeo.
Page 32 - Deianira, wishing to try the charm, soaked one of her husband's garments in the blood, not knowing that it was poisoned. Hercules put on the robe, and, after suffering terrible torments, died, or was carried off by his father Jupiter.
Page 32 - Thebans from the oppression of the Minyae. In a fit of madness, sent upon him by Juno, he slew his own children; and, on consulting the Delphic oracle as to how he should cleanse himself from this crime, he was ordered to submit himself for twelve years to Eurystheus, king of Tiryns, and to perform whatever tasks were appointed him. Hercules obeyed the oracle, and during the twelve years of his servitude accomplished twelve extraordinary feats known as the Labors of Hercules. His death was caused,...
Page 142 - Quintus Ennius tria corda habere sese dicebat quod loqui Graece et Osce et Latine sciret.
Page 121 - Id nos negavimus velle, neve ob eam rem quicquam commodi expectaret, et simul visum est ut te certiorem faceremus, ne quid eiusmodi, si accidisset, nostro consilio civitates putarent factum, et quod nobis non placet pretio aut praemio aut dolis pugnare. Tu, nisi caves, iacebis.

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