A phytogeographic and taxonomic study of the southern California trees and shrubs, Volume 6

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Press of the New era printing company, 1910 - Shrubs - 186 pages
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Page 357 - Common on the barren grounds of the Columbia and particularly near salt marshes." First collected by Douglas. Distribution: Alkaline places in eastern Washington and Oregon, and southward through the Great Basin to Arizona and the eastern parts of California. I have not seen any specimens of this species from our range, but it is common east of the Sierra Nevada about Owens Lake. Upper and Lower Sonoran. 2. SARCOBATUS BAILEYI Coville, Contr. Nat. Herb. 4: 184. 1893. Type locality: "In the valley...
Page 349 - hills near the desert," and further as an " oak in the mountains connecting the Coast Range with the Sierra Nevada at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley bordering the desert.
Page 384 - ... Fructus ... — Frutex Californicus, ramosissimus ; ramis rigidis, patentibus, subspinescentibus ; foliis minutis, spathulatis, e gemmis subglobosis quasi fasciculatis ; stipulis minutis deciduis ; floribus subsolitariis, sessilibus, terminalibus, parvulis. EMPLECTOCLADUS FASCICULATUS. TAB. V. HAB. — Sierra Nevada of California ; probably in the southern part of the range. A shrub, with numerous widely spreading branches, which have a knobbed appearance from the short rounded buds or spurs...
Page 419 - April, 1910. STERCULIACEAE. STERCULIA FAMILY. i. FREMONTODENDRON. CALIFORNIA SLIPPERY ELM. i. FREMONTODENDRON CALIFORNICUM (Torr.) Coville, Cont. Nat. Herb. 4: 74. 1893. Fremontia calif ornica Torr. PI. Frem. 5, pi. 2. 1853. Chiranthodendron californicum Baill. Hist. PI. 4: 70. 1873. Type locality: "Sources of the Sacramento, in the northern part of the Sierra Nevada of California.
Page 341 - J— 1 inch in diameter ; nut shallowly sulcate, the walls rather thin and with two broad cavities upon each side. (J. rupestris, var. major, Torrey in Sitgreave's Report, p. 171, t. 16.) — A large shrub or tree, in the vicinity of San Francisco growing 40-60 feet high and 2-4 feet in diameter, and ranging southward to Santa Barbara, Southern Arizona and Sonora.
Page 388 - ... petal with a thick prominent gland : ovary glabrous : pod with a double groove along the broad ventral suture, usually two inches long or more, 2-8-seeded, straight or somewhat contracted between the seeds : seeds very thick. — Cercidium floridum, Torrey in Pacif. R. Rep. 5. 360, t. 3. Abundant on the Lower Colorado River and in the valleys of Western and Southern Arizona, and known as Palo Verde or Green-barked Acacia.
Page 365 - I895Ribes molle Howell, Fl. NW. Am. 1: 209. 1898. Not Poepp. 1858. Ribes lentum Coville & Rose, Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 15: 28. 1902. Type locality: "Summit of Mt. San Antonio, 10,000 ft. altitude, among dry exposed rocks." Distribution: High mountains of the arid regions from eastern Washington and Montana southward to southern California and New Mexico. Canadian Zone. Specimens examined: Mount Pinos, Elmer 4010; Mount San Antonio, McClatchie, Aug. 16, 1893; Mount San Gorgonio, near the summit, Abrams...
Page 475 - WF Parish 613; Parish 5163, and Nov., 1902; San Luis Rey, Parry, 1850; Potrero, Cleveland, 1876; Fallbrook, Orcutt, Nov., 1883; near Imperial, GD Abrams, Jan., 1902; near Santa Ana, Helen D. Geis 548. 3. BACCHARIS SAROTHROIDES A. Gray, Proc. Am. Acad. 17: 211. 1882. Type locality: "Southern borders of California, San Diego Co., near the old Mission Station, the boundary monuments, etc.
Page 476 - WF Parish 702; Sweetwater Valley, Deane, April 8, 1888; San Diego River, Abrams 3380; Acton, Elmer 3701; vicinity of San Bernardino, Parish 5014; Big Tejunga wash, San Fernando Valley, Abrams 1393; Tia Juana River, Herre, Aug. 8, 1902; Monrovia, Dudley, Nov. 25, 1907; Los Angeles, Grant 97; Rock Creek, San Gabriel Mountains, Abrams y McGregor 557. 7. BACCHARIS PLUMMERAE A. Gray, Proc. Am. Acad. 15: 48. 1880. Type locality: "Along a stream in Glen Loch ravine, in the mountains near Sta. Barbara, California.
Page 327 - Fuseh" in the Tyrol. The place, consisting of only two houses, is situated at an elevation of from 3000 to 4000 feet above the sea, and is celebrated for its fresh air and pure water. In one of these houses a little girl, five years of age, who had left Vienna five weeks previously, was sud* The Germ Theory, etc., London, 1876. t Simon, Sixth Report on Public Health, quoted by Dr.

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