A Review of the Law Relating to Marriages Within the Prohibited Degrees of Affinity: And of the Canons and Social Considerations by which the Law is Supposed to be Justified

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Benning and Company, 1847 - Affinity (Law) - 158 pages
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Page 122 - In other things I will take no man's liberty of judgment from him, neither shall any man take mine from me. I will think no man the worse man, nor the worse Christian ; I will love no man the less for differing in opinion from me. And what 1 The Roman Catholic. Augsburg. measure I mete to others, I expect from them again.
Page 38 - It was their favourite opinion, that if Adam had preserved his obedience to the Creator, he would have lived for ever in a state of virgin purity, and that some harmless mode of vegetation might have peopled Paradise with a race of innocent and immortal beings.
Page 151 - Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and the Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by authority of the same...
Page 68 - The statute then enacted, inter alia: •All marriages which shall hereafter be celebrated between persons within the prohibited degrees of consanguinity or affinity shall be absolutely null and void to all intents and purposes whatsoever.
Page 122 - I am fully assured that God does not and therefore that men ought not to require any more of any man than this, to believe the Scripture to be God's Word, to endeavour to find the true sense of it, and to live according to it.
Page 151 - And that no reservation or prohibition, God's law except, shall trouble or impeach any marriage without the Levitical degrees.
Page 87 - No Person shall Marry within the degrees prohibited by the Laws of God, and expressed in a Table set forth by Authority in the year of our Lord God 1563, and all Marriages so made and contracted, shall be adjudged incestuous and unlawful...
Page 150 - That upon Pretence of a former Contract made, and not consummate by carnal Copulation (for Proof whereof two Witnesses by that Law were only required) been divorced and separated, contrary to God's Law.
Page 158 - And be it enacted, That this Act may be amended, altered, or repealed by any Act or Acts to be passed in this present Session of Parliament.
Page 158 - ... pronounced during the lifetime of both the parties thereto and it is unreasonable that the state and condition of the children of marriages between persons within the prohibited degrees of affinity should remain unsettled during so long a period and it is fitting that all marriages which may hereafter be celebrated between persons within the prohibited degrees of consanguinity or affinity should be ipso facto void and not merely voidable...

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