Travels in the Two Sicilies ...: In the Years 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780, Volume 2

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J. Nichols, 1790 - Italy

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Page 368 - THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY REFERENCE DEPARTMENT This book is under no circumstance!
Page 264 - On the 15th of August, 1643, as I stood at my window, I was surprised with a most wonderful, delectable vision. The sea that washes the Sicilian shore swelled up, and became, for ten miles in length, like a chain of dark mountains ; while the waters near our Calabrian coast grew quite smooth, and in an instant appeared as one clear polished mirror, reclining against the aforesaid ridge.
Page 265 - To produce this pleasing deception, many circumstances must concur, which are not known to exist in any other situation. The spectator must Ktand with his back to the east, in some elevated place behind the city, that he may command a view of the whole bay; beyond which the mountains of Messina rise like a wall, and darken the back ground of the picture.
Page 72 - It is an obfervation made here, and coofirmed by long experience, that all the teftaceous tribe is fuller, fatter, and more delicate, during the new and full moon, than in the firft and laft quarters.
Page 310 - ... wet weather, and cuts its way out, if water gains upon it. It weaves a net at the mouth of the hole. Thefe fpiders do not live quite a year. In July they...
Page 266 - Reggio, and rises high enough to form an angle of forty-five degrees on the water before the city, every object existing or moving at Reggio will be repeated a thousand-fold upon this marine lookingglass; .which, by its tremulous motion, is, as it were, cut into facets.
Page 266 - Each image will pass rapidly off in succession, as the day advances, and the stream carries down the wave on which it appeared. Thus the parts of this moving picture will vanish in the twinkling of an eye. Sometimes the air is at that moment so impregnated with vapours, and undisturbed by winds, as to reflect objects in a kind of aerial screen, rising about thirty feet above the level of the sea.
Page 306 - He informs us that, wherever they are to dance, a place is prepared for them hung round with bunches of grapes and ribbons. The patients are dressed in white, with red, green, or yellow ribbons...
Page 79 - When it is perfectly cleanfed of all its impurities, they dry it in 'the fhade, ftraiten it with a large comb, cut off the ufelefs root, and card the remainder ; by which means they reduce a pound of coarfe filaments to about three ounces of fine thread. This they knit into flockings, gloves, caps, and waiflcoats ; but they commonly mix a little filk as a ftrengthener.
Page 308 - Naples for the experiment were not of the true sort, but a much larger and more innocent one ; and that the length of the journey and want of food had weakened their...

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