Fishing Kits and Equipment

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Macmillan, 1913 - Fishing - 145 pages
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Page 15 - ... through the night, across a waste of cold, lay the land we had visited, still waiting to be explored. We wandered out into the dining room and settled the matter across a table. When ' we rose from it, I was pledged — pledged for June; and this was still December, the tail of the old year. II And let us buy for the days of spring While yet the north winds blow! For half the joy of the trip, my boy, Is getting your traps to go. Immediately we, that is to say Eddie, began to buy things. It is...
Page 72 - The first eight links are sources of information and help for the benefit of the individual beekeeper, and since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, it is impossible for these to function properly without the co-operation of the individual beekeeper.
Page 36 - ... been subjected to a heavy strain. Thus the rod is used with the rings above and below in frequent alternation, the strains to which the rod is subject offset and neutralize one another, and the rod will retain throughout its life that perfect...
Page 121 - It seems to me that there would not be much sport in using a self-aiming rifle or an auto-striking trout fly, and that there would be very little more enjoyment in using a self-thumbing reel.
Page 9 - The series of articles — here thoroughly revised and considerably extended — upon which this book is based originally appeared in Recreation...
Page 107 - I have used one of them a great deal and may say unreservedly that they are the finest casting rods in the market ; that is, in solid wood.
Page 16 - Also, since the various forms of angling are very unlike, it is quite possible for a man to be an expert in one branch of the sport and a novice at another.
Page 55 - Briefly, the line should be held in the left hand, grasping it between the reel and first guide, thus controlling at all times the rendition and recovery of the line.

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