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Laika was just a mutt wandering the streets of Moscow when she met with destiny. She was brought into the burgeoning Russian space program and became the first living thing from Earth to be launched into space, onboard Sputnik 2 in November 1957. Unfortunately, the dog would only live about four hours in the rocket, before excessive heat killed her. She might have lived had the Russians taken more ... Read full review


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Following the story of plucky Laika—the first dog in space—the reader experiences her entire life from a mongrel living in the streets to the tragic loss of her canine companion, her captivity in the government lab, her endearing relationship with the unwavering caretaker Yelena and her tragic fatal mission. The strong ties between Laika (renamed after her breed type) are exceptionally well ... Read full review

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Warning: Spoiler alert. DO NOT read this review unless you have already read it. Spoiler alert.
Laika is a book which has me awestruck. Laika was a dog who involuntarily gave
her life for her time (five hours) in space. I agree with Oleg Georgivitch an the afterwords. The cartoonish display makes it even better by giving you a visualization of the words, and the words themselves. Nick Abadzis has done it again. "Another masterpiece. Bravo!" Yelena Dubrovsky, Laika's caretaker (who cried as she saw the launch because she knew that someday she would die in Sputnik II, up in space), in one month has attached to Laika, just as I have in the 2 hours it took me to read the book. Inspiring in all, I'll never look at the Soviet dog Laika, or the Soviets themselves, the same way again. Amazing how you can just pick a puppy off of the street and schedule her to be the first living animal in orbit of the earth. Really amazing. 

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i hated it, it
ruined my life you meany
why woulld you write such a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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