The Crystal Stopper

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Doubleday, Page & Company, 1922 - 287 pages

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If you've read any other Arsene Lupin book you are no doubt familiar with him as master of all schemes. He has a keen mind and doesn't seem miss any permutation of outcomes. If you enjoy series that have an usual hero and like to rely on the smooth outcome of every one of his/her's endeavors then you've no doubt laughed with him and clapped your hands when he is victorious, ( M. Lupin I mean) when he has once again escaped the police. The Crystal Stopper keeps you on edge. It is unlike the other stories and may disappoint you with the silly blunders M. Lupin seems to make but the Crystal Stopper will stop your heart. 

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Page 234 - ... added to his dignity. He spoke in a slow, measured tone, with his hands behind his back and his eyes fixed on the ground. He maddened me particularly when he read aloud the Psalms to himself behind his partition.
Page 284 - No less than two hundred and fifty cubic feet of air space shall be allowed for each person in any workroom where persons are employed during the hours between six o'clock in the morning and six o'clock in the evening, and not less than four hundred cubic feet of air space shall be provided for each person in any one workroom where persons are employed between six o'clock in the evening and six [o'clock] in the morning.
Page 105 - Owen had risen from his seat and was walking up and down the room emphasizing his words with excited gestures. "As for not trying to find out wot side is right...
Page 81 - He rushed across to her and, taking her by the scruff of the neck, hissed: "Go and tell them I've got the child. . . . They can come and fetch it at my place, Rue Chateaubriand.
Page 173 - Vendee, who tortured their victims with fire to make them confess where their money was hidden.
Page 277 - I don't know when I shall have the pleasure of seeing you again. If you have the least communication to make to me, one line in the agony column of the Journal will be sufficient. Just head it, 'M. Nicole.
Page 83 - There are many things that I do not know. I do not know your name. But I know . . ." She interrupted him with a gesture; and, resolutely, in her turn, dominating the man who was compelling her to speak: "It doesn't matter,

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