On animal and vegetable parasites of the human body: a manual of their natural history, diagnosis, and treatment, Volume 1

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Printed for the Sydenham society, 1857 - Medical parasitology
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Page 391 - LORD'S command Aaron the priest went up Mount Hor, where he died on the first day of the fifth month of the fortieth year after the Israelites came out of Egypt.
Page 390 - Greek name drakontion (l.at. dracunculus), a species of snake which had something fabulous and inexplicable about it. The inflammatory pain and swelling which occurred with the breaking out of the worm are certainly very well expressed by seraphim...
Page 158 - For my part I have always been more or less unlucky with this remedy. ... I have generally seen the worm expelled in innumerable fragments. ... I have never found the head. In one case I detected fragments in the evacuations for three months.
Page 140 - Sixty-eight times there were cerebro-spinal affections and partial or general convulsions (for example, epilepsy, hysteria, melancholy, hypochondria, abdominal spasms, dyspnoea and convulsive coughing), which may even rise to maniacal attacks and mental weakness; forty-nine times nausea, even with vomiting and fainting; forty-two times various pains...
Page xiii - Just too as we find a different form assumed by the secondary offspring of the ' nurse,' as in the scolex-head of the cysticworm, so we find in such cases as those presented by the ' bulbillus,' the ' bulb,' and the ' sporule,' different forms assumed by parts having the same relations in the plant as in the animal. So likewise in the plant we find a greater change of the secondary offspring taking place, when sexes are developed and flowers are produced, and the hermaphrodite flower with its stamens...
Page 390 - ... while the mortality amongst the Israelites is easily explained by their ignorance of the treatment, and the dangerous symptoms occurring in consequence of the breaking of the worm, which, according to some authors, may be immediately fatal. Only in the last portion of the way through the desert of Zin towards Mount Hor, but...
Page 281 - ... varying from the size of a pea to that of a bean, consisting of fibrous tissue undergoing fatty degeneration.
Page 156 - ... with colicky pains; immediately after which strong black coffee is given. As to the subsequent treatment, a tincture of iron may be administered. This remedy is to be recommended in doubtful cases; it is, however, difficult to obtain in the shops. " But," says Kiichenmeister, " I once for all protest against the administration of tin filings, and I believe that no one can have much pleasure in giving this remedy who has seen the ecchymotic irritation of the intestine after its administration...
Page 173 - Gutti, gr. iv-^ — vj, with good results. If vomiting occur, a table-spoonful of the medicine is given every ten minutes. To alleviate the tendency to vomit, the patient should gargle after every dose with fresh milk, but without swallowing any of it. Between the doses also he may take as much Elaeosacchar.
Page 390 - ... and it is clear that a species of animal is referred to which is distinguished by the inflammability of its bite, or generally by the inflammation which its presence causes.

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