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Shakespeare Society, and to be had of W. Skeffington, 1853 - Theater - 290 pages
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Page vi - FSA The Council of the Shakespeare Society desire it to be understood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observations that may appear in the Society's publications; the Editors of the several works being alone responsible for the same.
Page 232 - The Honest Whore, with the Humours of the Patient Man and the Longing Wife.
Page 295 - THE FAIR MAID OF THE EXCHANGE, with the Merry Humours and Pleasant Passages of the Cripple of Fanchurch : a Comedy, by THOMAS HEYWOOD.
Page xviii - The rapidity with which plays must then have been written is most remarkable, and is testified beyond dispute by later portions of Henslowe's manuscript, where, among other charges, he registers the sums paid, the dates of payment, and the authors who received the money. Nothing was more common than for dramatists to unite their abilities and resources, and when a piece on any account was to be brought out with peculiar dispatch, three, four, five, and perhaps even six poets engaged themselves on...
Page 142 - The Life and Death of William Long beard, the most famous and witty English Traitor, borne in the Citty of London. Accompanied with manye other most pleasant and prettie histories : by TL of Lincolns Inne, Gent. Et nuga seria ducunt. Printed at London by Rychard Yardley and Peter Short, &c. 1593.
Page xi - CHARLES, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, Kinge of England, Scotland, Fraunce, and Ireland, Defender of the Fayth, &c.
Page 273 - Item, j tome of Guido, j tome of Dido, j bedsteade. Item, viij lances, j payer of stayers for Fayeton. Item, ij stepells, & j chyme of belles, & j beacon. Item, j hecfor for the playe of Faeton, the limes dead. Item, j globe, & j golden scepter; iij clobes. Item, ij marchepanes, & the sittie of Rome. Item, j gowlden flece; ij rackets; j baye tree. Item, j wooden hatchett; j lether hatchete. Item, j wooden canepie; owld Mahemetes head. Item, j lyone skin; j beares skyne; & Faetones lymes, & Faeton...
Page xx - Henslowe. This union (if such it were, and not merely the joint occupation of the same house, while the Globe was in a course of construction, and : for some short time afterwards) lasted for rather more than two years, and, as has been remarked in the Memoirs of Edward Alleyn (p. 22), it is singular that most of the old plays which our great dramatist is supposed more or less to have employed, and of the stories of which he availed himself, are found in Henslowe's list of this period.
Page 299 - April, 1845 ; that we have examined the same, together with the vouchers in support thereof, and find the whole Account correct and satisfactory. And we further report that the following is a correct Abstract of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Society for the above period. RECEIPTS.
Page 201 - Hieronimo. Newly corrected, amended, and enlarged with new Additions of the Painters part, and others, as it hath of late been diuers times acted.

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