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This is by no means a "bad book" for people considering conversion to Judaism to read. However, the reader must be made aware that the situation regarding Orthodox
conversions in America, Israel and many other places around the world has changed dramatically since this book was written.
The story about the BBC journalist just taking the subway to Brooklyn to be dunked in the mikva, put on tefillin, and be told he was Jewish - all undertaken at the request of his Jewish fiance's family - would never slide today.
Today Orthodox Jewish religious courts (Beth Din) have almost universally returned to strict enforcement of the rule that the convert must accept the "yoke of Torah" upon themself. This requires that before they undergo conversion, they must not only know HOW to lead a purely Torah-observant lifestyle (and they are tested on this knowledge by the rabbis), but also they must sincerely intend to continue living that way the rest of their lives.
Don't develop expectations of your own conversion process from this book alone. Read widely. Otherwise you may be in for a rude and disappointing shock from the rabbis you approach about it.

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