Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland, Volume 2

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Cambridge University Press for the Royal Asiatic Society, 1835 - Oriental literature
Most years contain the Proceedings and Annual report of the society.

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Page 303 - capable of giving a soul to the objects of sense, and a body to the abstractions of metaphysics.” But as the Tibetan language can have no pretensions to a like power, those who
Page 156 - his child or the child his parent, if the brother receives the brother, the master his servant, or the servant his master, or even if the husband relieves his wife, who have any of them committed a felony, the receivers become accessories ex post facto,
Page 149 - We have therein commanded them that they should give life for life, and eye for eye, and nose for nose, and tooth for tooth; and that wounds should also be punished by retaliation.”.-.
Page 258 - who comes frequently to church; who presents the oblation which is offered to God upon the altar; who does not taste of the fruits of his own industry until he has consecrated a part of them to God; who
Page 1 - The bounds of its investigation will be the geographical limits of Asia; and within these limits its inquiries will be extended to whatever is performed by man, or produced by nature.
Page 98 - treats it as it does all other contracts, allowing it to be good and valid in all cases where the parties at the time of making it were, in
Page 313 - or point, infinite, unsustained (in nirvritti), and sustained (in pravritti), whose essence is nirvritti, of whom all things are forms (in pravritti), and who is yet formless (in nirvritti), who is the Iswara, the first intellectual essence, the Adi Buddha, was revealed by his own will. This self-existent is he whom all know as the
Page lxxxvi - Majesty the King of the Belgians . His Imperial and Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Tuscany His Royal highness the Duke of Cumberland his Royal highness the Duke of Sussex . his Royal
Page 4 - one city. Beside the school of the Grecian Platonist was seen the oratory of the cabalistic Jew; while the church of the Christian stood undisturbed over the crypts of the Egyptian hierophant.
Page 29 - quickness, and art; while he employs on trifles the capacity of an ancient Roman, and exhibits now, in the search of a frivolous applause, that fire, and those passions, with which

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