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When your novel's heroine opens the story as a popular, mean highschooler, the story will be one of two things: a paean to Dolce & Gabbana or a tale of redemption. Sam's story is of the latter kind: a Groundhog Day-style repeated day she must relive until she gets it right. With each repeat, she changes something in her relationships—to her family, to the cruelty of her queen-bee friends, to her ... Read full review

Review: Before I Fall

Editorial Review - - Terry Miller Shannon

Samantha Kingston doesn't have the weightiest of matters on her mind the morning of Friday, February 12th, the day she dies. It's the typical concerns of a popular high school senior that preoccupy her: How many roses will she receive today during the popularity contest Cupid Day? Will she and longtime crush (and now boyfriend) Rob actually do the deed tonight as she has promised? Sam rides to ... Read full review

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this book I would recommend to anyone who feels too busy,too caught up in life's hustle that they forget to take a break and enjoy the moments that are so precious yet so easily ignored. I for one would want to know what would happen once am not flesh but spirit. after reading this book, something downed in me.The last moment am sharing with people I love might be the very last. its sad to even think about it but wouldn't it be great pleasure to go down to the grave happy and contented that you helped as many people as you could or you did the right thing as far as right is concerned? Samantha Kingston lived her last day 7 times, enough to realise that some things you do thinking that you will get away with them or "its not much of a big deal", really do hurt some people so much to get them thinking of committing suicide!!enough to want to help out the people she thought she hated so much which in contrast turn out to be really good people when she gets to know them better.

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I felt that this novel was very juvenile and petty. It is focused on high school drama, and although it had a beautiful message, it lacked conviction and victimized the protagonist, Samantha Kingston.

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i loved this book... but i really didnt like the ending, did not make too much sense to me (as in the whole "halo" part. well i mean i get it - that the golden hair was like a halo, but it wasnt too important to the book). it just kind of left me hanging, i know that she said the rest i had to figure out for myself... but i would recommend this to a friend. overall those were the only parts i didnt LOVE. 

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I really enjoyed this book. The fact that she relived this day over and over again got kind of boring after the first few times, but after the first few times, each and everyday got more interesting. At the end of the story, so much happened and I wanted the story to keep going, but it just left you hanging. I think that the message that they are trying to give off is that life is not about popularity and all of that, it's about helping people and being nice. The characterization development for Samantha was incredible. She really developed throughout the story. At the beginning, she was a stuck up popular girl that had the football player boyfriend, and went to parties and stuff, while she, without even knowing, was hurting many people and being really mean. Sam and her friends even caused a girl to want to commit suicide. But eventually she turns into someone that risks their own life to save someone she hurt and many consequences happen because of it...

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This book is geat

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I absolutely loved this book. from the first paragraph, i was glued to this book, laughing when she did, crying when she did. when i reached the end of this book, i sat there, my jaw touching the ground. every page i read made me more and more attatched to sam, and even though she was just a character in a book, you believe it's real, and you are amazed by how she develops throughout the book. when you read this book, you won't realize that every time she dies, you are that much closer to the end. when i read that last page, after i recovered from shock, i cried. i cried because she was gone forever, how she had changed the way people thought of her - the way I thought of her, and the way she thought of the other characters in the book, from Julia sykes to her little sister. if i could, i would have taken sam's place in that car crash. i love everything about this book, the only complaint antone could have is how every chapter has a similar plot to the other, but how they miraculously have huge differences, from sam thinking she has another chance to her realizing how she affects other people's life to how she could easily change how she affected their lives during her short one. towards the end, she knows she only has 24 short hours to change her friends - and enemies - live's for the better. i tried to read this book to my 12 year old brother, but started crying after the first sentence. i would highly reccomend this to any one, as long as they can deal with the ACTUAL voice of a teenager, as they would say it, think it, and what they might very well do if they wanted, curse words and all.
soo.... READ IT!!!!!

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Few books really make me reflect and want to change my own life. This one did and I would recommend it to everyone!

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