Home Improvement All-in-One For Dummies

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John Wiley & Sons, Apr 18, 2011 - House & Home - 720 pages
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Put on your grubbies, get out your tools, and get ready to tackle home repairs and improvements with the goof-proof instructions in this guide that combines the best of nine For Dummies home improvement books in one comprehensive volume. Whether you're an accomplished do-it-yourselfer or a novice, the easy-to-follow instructions, complete with photos and illustrations, will guide you through: Basic home maintenance and improvement projects from the foundation to the roof, including windows, doors, and electrical repairs and replacements Painting and wallpapering Bathroom and kitchen remodeling, including installing cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and appliances Carpentry, woodworking and flooring Plumbing, including unclogging fixtures and fixing leaky faucets

Want to spruce up bedroom? Spiff up the kitchen? Shore up the porch? Build stairs? Replace creaky doors and drafty windows? Make the most of your space? Inside or out, major renovation or minor repair, the how-to is all right here. Think about it-if you do just one project yourself instead of calling a plumber, electrician, painter, handyman, or other service person, you've saved far more than the cost of this book! And you'll have it on hand to guide you through the next project!


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Using corner miter cuts on borders
Book IV
Chapter 1
Walking through the Stages of a Typical Remodeling Project
Tearing out the old stuff and taking it away
Laying out and roughing in plumbing lines and electrical wires
Setting fixtures and furnishings
Watching your house turn into a miniwarehouse

Starting small
Covering all your bases
Chapter 2
The Top Tools for Any Homebody
Gizmos and Gear
Chapter 3
Only you can prevent fires
Fire extinguishers
Guarding Your Home against Natural Disasters
Putting things back together
Playing It Safe with Gas Lines
Maintaining Burglar Alarms
Keeping Automatic GarageDoor Openers in Working Order
Maintaining Electrical Safety
Chapter 4
Looking at Things Room by Room
Getting Estimates and Prices
Pricing materials
Estimating what your time is worth
Allowing for fun and your mental health
Considering Financing Options
Getting a home improvement loan
Looking out for sales
Book II
Chapter 1
Repairing nail pops
Patching holes
Repairing sagging plaster on walls and ceilings
Decking the walls
Building Shelves
Installing a shelving system
Adding a wire shelf system to a closet
Insulating Your Home
Upgrading attic insulation
Upgrading crawlspace insulation
Chapter 2
Window Maintenance
Unsticking a Stuck Window
Replacing Sash Cords
Replacing a Broken Window Pane
Metal frame window
Repairing a Rotted Windowsill
Replacing Window Channels
EnergySaving Projects
Caulking step by step
Window Enhancements and Addons
Installing a miniblind
Installing curtain rods and hardware
Chapter 3
Lubricating hinges
Tightening loose hinges
Fixing Bifold Doors
Maintaining Combination StormScreen Doors
Replacing the screen
Tightening loose storm door panels
Sliding By with Sliding Doors
Maintaining sliding closet doors
Locking Up
Installing a deadbolt
Securing the patio door
Chapter 4
Making Friends with the Heat Monster in the Basement
Hot water systems
Steam systems
Electric systems
Big or Small an Air Conditioner Cools Yall
Buy smart and live in cool comfort
Letting You and Your House Breathe
Structural ventilation
Chapter 5
Making Cleaning Job One
AllPurpose Handy Dandy Cleaner
PeopleFriendly Oven Cleaner
Easy Mildew Remover
Gas range tops
The Oven
Cleaning an electric oven
Cleaning a selfcleaning electric oven
Cleaning a continuouscleaning oven
Hanging Out in the Range Hood
Refrigerators and Freezers
Defrosting the freezer
Washing Machines
Clothes Dryers
Chapter 6
Is There a Fungus Amongus?
Cleaning up efflorescence
Preventing Moisture from Building Up under Your Home
Using gutters to reduce moisture
Giving the problem some air
Saying oui to a French Drain
A Few Pointers on Brick and Block Foundations
Chapter 7
Staying safe on the roof
The naked truth about flashing
Wood shake and shingle roof preservation
Replacing a composition shingle
All That Dam Ice
Find That Leak
Its Okay If Your Minds in the Gutter
Patching leaks
A Raincoat for Your House
Maintaining stucco
Cleaning vinyl siding
Maintaining aluminum siding
Chapter 8
Wiring Switches and Receptacles
Swapping a light switch
Replacing duplex receptacles
Repairing a Faulty Lamp
Replacing a Ceiling Fixture
Installing a ceiling fan
Installing track lighting
Adding a receptacle or switch by using surface wiring
Wiring a Telephone Extension
Replacing a Porch Light with a Security Light
Adding a LowVoltage Outdoor Light
Book III
Chapter 1
Waterbased or oilbased?
Categorizing finishes
Lead the Environment and You
Choosing an Exterior Finish
Exterior latex paint
Choosing the Right Interior Paint
Finding the Perfect Interior Stain
Brushes and Rollers
Foam painting pads
Brushing Up on Techniques
May I cut in?
Roller Techniques
Spraying Inside and Out
Keeping an eye on safety
The spraypainting process
The tools of the trade
Should you buy or rent?
Chapter 2
Scrubbing the house down
Sealing cracks and holes with caulk
Patching surface cavities before painting
Preparing Interior Surfaces
Clearing the way
Smoothing the walls
Repairing and preparing to recoat painted wood
Making final preparations
Chapter 3
Using ladders safely outdoors
Consulting the weather forecast
Planning your painting sequence
Making lastminute preparations
Priming the surface
Painting your house body
Painting trim windows and doors
Winding things up
Painting the Interior of Your Home
Painting ceilings and walls
Painting woodwork
Putting on the finishing touches
Cleaning Up the Mess
Using the threecontainer approach
Stopping for a while
Endofproject procedures
Chapter 4
Determining how much work you can handle
Knowing whats on the backside
Matching repeating patterns
Buying Wallcoverings
Tracking down the right paper
Choosing Your Wallpaper Adhesive
Chapter 5
Preparing Wall Surfaces
Sealing new drywall before papering
Preparing for the mess
Gathering tools and supplies for removing wallpaper
Winding up
Chapter 6
Working around unlevel ceilings and outofplumb walls
Finding a starting point
At Last Youre Ready to Paper
Cutting strips of wallpaper
Pasting the wallpaper and relaxing with a good book
Hanging the wallcovering
Trimming the paper
Getting some relief
Papering inside corners
Applying the final strip
Quick Fixes for Wallpaper
Border Incidents
Hanging borders
Being there 247
Chapter 2
Gathering the Right Tools
Marking Reference Lines and Mounting Locations
Measuring cabinet heights
Locating the wall studs for mounting
Checking your walls for plumb
Hanging Wall Cabinets
Base Cabinets
Finishing the base cabinet run
Chapter 3
Gathering the Right Tools
Installing a Countertop
Sizing and finishing your countertop
Installing a mitered corner
Cutting a hole for the sink
Attaching countertops other than corners
Installing a Sink and Faucet
Finishing your installation
Installing a Ceramic Tile Countertop
Constructing your ceramic countertop
Chapter 4
Installing Ranges Ovens and Cooktops
Wrangling with a range
Installing a cooktop
Installing a New Fridge Complete with Dispenser Unit
Doing the Dishes Automatic Style
Installing the dishwasher unit
Taking Out the Trash Sink Style
Chapter 5
Taking a Tour of Toilets
Getting a good fit
Considering features and comfort
Shopping for la toilette
Measuring Your Options
Dethroning the Throne
Preparing the Floor for a New Toilet
Installing a New Toilet
Chapter 6
Bidding Good Riddance to an Old Tub
Gaining access to the plumbing
Disconnecting the plumbing lines
Putting In a New Tub
Installing an acrylic tub
Installing a platform tub
When Removing a Bathtub Is Mission Impossible
Chapter 7
Installing a Shower Enclosure
Laying the groundwork
Installing a Shower or Tub Door
Measuring and cutting the tracks
Locating the bottom track
Installing the wall jambs
Installing a hinged door
Finishing up with caulk
Chapter 8
Putting In a Pedestal Sink
Installing the drain and popup assembly
Installing the sink
Installing a CastIron WallHung Sink
Preparing the supporting wall
Setting the mounting bolts
Bolting the sink to the wall
Looking at your options
Installing a vanity
Topping your vanity with stone
Topping your vanity with tile
Much Ado about Medicine Cabinets
Getting a Handle on Faucets
Installing a twohandle faucet
Book V
Chapter 1
Fixing low spots
Understanding underlayment
Hardwood Flooring
When hardwood only needs a touchup
Repairing damaged hardwood flooring
Transforming a room by replacing the floor
Ceramic Tile
Replacing a damaged tile and cracked grout
Installing a ceramic tile floor
Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Laying carpet with carpet pad
Laying cushionedbacked carpet
Silencing Squeaks
Fixing a squeak from above
Chapter 2
Working with Carpenters Glue
Cleaning up
Knowing when to use resins
Honing In on Hot Melt Glue
Chapter 3
Drilling and Power Driving
Accessorizing your drilldriver
Watch your speed
Drilling techniques
Driving Screws
The Quintessential Carpentry Tool
Taking precautions
Driving nails into wood not from the store
Putting on the finishing touches
Pulling nails
Fastening with Staples
Grippy grabby and pointy
Clamping and Gluing
Real sticky stuff
Guns for Pacifists
Chapter 4
Checking out your material list
Using a procedures list
Creating a Cut List
Selecting the best section of the board
Preparing the Board for Milling
Making the Cut
Preparing for assembly
Applying the glue
Squaring up the parts and verifying flatness
Cleaning up your mess
Chapter 5
Dealing with big holes
Raising dents
Smoothing Out Wood
Pigment stains
Protecting Your Work with a Topcoat
Varnish and oilbased polyurethane
Waterbased polyurethane
Book VI
Chapter 1
Knowing When to Call a Pro
Hiring a licensed plumber
Working up a plumbing contract
The right side of plumbing codes
Chapter 2
Getting Water to Your House
The water meter
Figuring Out Your DrainWasteVent DWV Lines
Locating Shutoff Valves
In the kitchen
In the laundry area
In the great outdoors
Chapter 3
Common Plumbing Supplies
Finding the Right Water Supply Pipe
Galvanized iron pipe
Buying Drainage Pipes and Fittings
Plastic pipes
Stocking Up on Valves
Using Plumbing Tools
Tools for measuring
Wrenches and pliers
Pipe clamps
Pipe cutting and bending tools
Plungers snakes and augers
Chapter 4
Removing the trap
A plunger
Resorting to a snake
Unclogging a Faucet Aerator
Unclogging a Garbage Disposal
Chapter 5
Clearing a Clogged Bathtub or Shower Drain
Charming your tub with a snake
Cleaning and Adjusting a Drain Stopper
Triplever drain
Popup drain
Chapter 6
Clearing a Clogged Toilet
Using a toilet auger
Using a snake
Clearing the Main Line
Still clogged? Call a plumber
Chapter 7
A Sticky Tankball or Flapper Valve
Adjusting or replacing a flapper valve
Floatball or Ballcock Problems
Addressing ballcock problems
Chapter 8
Replacing a worn washer
Replacing the valve seat
Stopping a stem leak
Stopping a Washerless Faucet Leak
Cartridgetype faucet
Ceramic disktype faucet
Fixing a Dish Sprayer

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About the author (2011)

Roy Barnhart is a lifelong do-it-yourselfer and former professional building and remodeling contractor. He enjoyed eight years as Senior Building and Remodeling Editor for two national home improvement magazines. As a freelance writer, editor, and consultant, Roy has contributed articles to more than a dozen home improvement magazines, including Family Handyman and House Beautiful. He has also contributed to four books.

James and Morris Carey, known as the Carey Brothers, are nationally recognized experts on home building and renovation. They share their 20-plus years of experience as award-winning, licensed contractors with millions nationwide through a weekly radio program, daily radio vignette, syndicated newspaper column, and comprehensive Web site (www.onthehouse.com), all titled “On the House.” Morris and James continue to own and operate a successful home remodeling and construction firm, Carey Bros., and have been named to Remodeling magazine’s Hall of Fame Big 50, which recognizes top achievers in the industry. They’ve also been honored as one of the nation’s top 500 companies by Qualified Remodeler magazine.

Gene and Katie Hamilton have been working on houses and writing about home improvements for over 30 years. They’ve remodeled 14 houses and write a weekly newspaper column entitled “Do It Yourself . . . Or Not?” which appears in newspapers across the country and on Web sites. The Hamiltons are authors of 16 home improvement books, including Home Improvement For Dummies, Carpentry For Dummies, Painting and Wallpapering For Dummies, and Plumbing For Dummies. They’re the founders of www.HouseNet.com, the first home improvement site on the Internet and America Online. You’ve seen these veteran do-it-yourselfers appear as home improvement experts on CNN, Dateline, the Today show, Home Matters, Today at Home, and Our Home.

Don R. Prestly is a former senior editor for HANDY Magazine for The Handyman Club of America, as well as a former associate editor for Family Handyman magazine. In addition to his nearly 20 years of writing and doing home improvement projects, he spent several years as a manager for one of the Midwest’s largest home centers. Throw in the everyday upkeep needs of being a homeowner, dealing with the same problems and repairs as other homeowners, and it’s obvious that he has the background and experience to help you make your kitchen dreams come true.

Jeff Strong began creating sawdust at a very young age while helping his father, a master craftsman, build fine furniture. An accomplished woodworker, Jeff has designed and built countless pieces of furniture and currently accepts commissions to build his creations. His woodworking style marries Arts and Crafts, Southwestern, and Asian influences. Woodworking For Dummies is his third book.

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