Medical Reports, on the Effects of Water, Cold and Warm: As a Remedy in Fever and Other Diseases, Whether Applied to the Surface of the Body, Or Used Internally ...

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T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1805 - Fever
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Page 4 - and other pains instantly abated, and a fine glow and diaphoresis succeeded. Towards evening, however, the same febrile symptoms threatened a return, and I had again recourse to the same method as before, with the same good effect. I now took food with an appetite, and for the first time had a sound night's rest.
Page 4 - Every symptom vanished, but to prevent a relapse, I used the cold bath twice. " Mr. Thomas Kirk, a young gentleman, passenger in the same ship, fell sick of a fever on the 9th of August. His symptoms were nearly similar to mine, and having taken some medicines without experiencing relief, he was desirous of trying the
Page 3 - 9th, Having given the necessary directions, about three o'clock in the afternoon I stripped off all my clothes, and threw a sea-cloak loosely about me till I got upon the deck, when the cloak also was laid aside: three buckets full of salt water were then thrown at once upon me; the shock was
Page 95 - at any time, when there is no sense of chilliness present, when the heat of the surface is steadily above what is natural, and when there is no general or profuse sensible perspiration*
Page 72 - where the burning' heat of the palms of the hands and soles of the feet is present, this method of cooling them should be resorted to;
Page 190 - generally out of the sea, but frequently overwhelmed by the surge, and at other times exposed to heavy showers of sleet and snow, and to a high and piercing wind. The temperature of the air,
Page 287 - from all the effects of intoxication. In " the year 1789, dining one day abroad, he got alternately " drunk and sober three several times before midnight, each " time recovering his sobriety by immersing himself, and " sleeping in cold water; and on awakening returning to " the company. The last time, after supper, he was so
Page 92 - 1. Cold water is not to be used as a drink in the cold stage of the paroxysm of fever, however urgent the thirst. Taken at such times, it increases the chilliness and torpor of the surface and extremities, and produces a sense of coldness in the stomach, augments the oppression on the
Page 287 - hour, a person supporting him. I had this last circumstance " from a Gentleman one of the party, whose veracity may be " entirely depended on. " At home however he used, as I have already mentioned, " a trough made for the purpose, with a bench in it as a
Page 287 - intoxicated, that he insisted on his companions '•' undressing him and carrying him themselves to the pond. " They carried him accordingly in a chair, and set him up *' to the chin in water, where he continued upwards of an " hour, a person supporting him. I had this

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