Marciano; Or, The Discovery: A Tragi-comedy

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Reprinted for private circulation, 1871 - Tragicomedy - 71 pages
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Page vii - ... Mithridates, King of Pontus, wherein Lady Anne, the duke's daughter, and the ladies of honour, were the only actors.' Fountainhall, who states this occurrence, only adds the remark : ' Not only the canonists, both Protestant and Popish, but the very heathen Roman lawyers, declared all scenic and stage players infamous, and will scarce admit them to the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.
Page xii - ... King and Privy Council of Scotland, which he is fortunate enough to have in his own Collection. The original is marked, ' ex Pamphletis Roberti Mylne fcribae,' a well-known Collector of Tracts, illustrative of the History of Scotland, who died Dec. 21, 1747, at the very advanced age of 105 ; having ' enjoyed his sight, and the exercise of his understanding, till a little before his death.'1 The fame Tract was reprinted under the direction of Queen Elizabeth's Council ; but unluckily, it is '...
Page xi - Those manuscripts cannot now be found. The rarity of the book, apart from its merits, which are by no means of a common order, having rendered Marciano of value to the Antiquary, a limited reprint was considered desirable. A copy of Marciano was sold at the sale of the library of Mr James William Dodd of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, " consisting of a fine collection of old plays, old poetry, romances, history, Belles lettres, miscellanies, comic and humorous books, &c., &c.
Page xiv - The Grand Tryal, or Poetical Exercitations upon the Book of Job : wherein, suitable to each text of that sacred book, a modest explanation and continuation of the several discourses contained in it is attempted.
Page xii - Editor knows nothing, except that he seems to have followed the profession of a writer, and to have been related to Sir Robert Milne of Barnton, mentioned pp. 198 and 231, then a man of influence, and concerned with the revenues of the city of Edinburgh. The Diary seems to have fallen into Milne's hands after Lord Fountainhall's death in 1724; and it is but fair to him to state, that he appears to have had no purpose of passing his alterations for a part of the text, but only that of correcting and...
Page iv - ... others. Also that nothing shall be added to what is in the register of the play itself. If any one who plays shall do in the contrary, he shall be warded, and make his public repentance.
Page 6 - But leaft it fhould feem too ferious for the pallats of thofe, who expefted nothing from the Stage but mirth : It was thought fit to interlude it with a comick tranfaftion. So that being tyed to two different plots, without the fpeciall concurrence of a certain ingenuous Gentleman, to whofe induftry this Play owes much of its perfeftion, it had been a difficult hard it is to carry on two different plots in one fmgle Play, is not unknown to any, who know what belongs to the Stage.
Page 36 - tis to be in love ; but in a trice All men do sacrifice To the latter, and despise Her whom before They did adore Like lilies in their prime ; Since now her sparkling eyes Are darkened in disguise : Such is the sad disparity of time.
Page vi - Ireland, which was no fatiffa&ion to the publick juftice of the nation againft fuch pernitious rogues. 15 Novembris 1681, being the Quean of Brittain's birth-day, it was keeped by our Court at...
Page 6 - Playes, becaufe fuch pleafant fpeftacles divert the current of our, otherwayes melancholly imaginations, and hinder people from dreaming on rebellion, which our late proceedings may at large inftruft : For no fooner had thofe hell-hounds, aflafsinats of our liberties, fnatch'd the very reins of Government into their hands, but as foon they thought it expedient to vote down all Scenick Playes, fo that they fl1ould fuffer in that fame fentence with Monarchy ; upon whom they have fuch a dependance,...

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