The Olympian System of Physical and Mental Development, Volume 2

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Page 351 - Lowden, former Governor of Illinois and a dairy farmer: "The cow is a most wonderful laboratory. She takes the grasses of the pasture and the roughage of the field and converts them into the most nearly perfect food for man. In fact, in that food is a mysterious something which scientists have found essential to the highest health of the human race and which can be found nowhere else. Men have searched for centuries for the fabled fountain of youth.
Page 92 - When these fruit juices are taken into the digestive canal they are readily absorbed and carried with the absorbed food to the liver, where the acids and the acid elements of the organic salts are oxidized, releasing the potassium, the sodium, and the magnesium, etc., which are changed to carbonates, thus increasing the alkalinity of the blood.
Page 171 - ... finely chopped, mashed or put through a sieve. Spinach, peas, beans, potatoes, celery, or asparagus make good soups. Stir flour into melted fat and mix with the cold milk. Add the cooked vegetable and stir over the fire until thickened. If soup is too thick, add a little water or milk. RICE PUDDING 1 quart milk.
Page 74 - In the light of our present knowledge, it would appear that bread made from 'whole wheat' flour, or old-fashioned corn meal, should be used in preference to 'white' bread and 'highly milled' corn foods, whenever the diet is restricted to these cereal foods to the more or less complete exclusion of other foods possessing greater dietary values.
Page 351 - Men have searched for centuries for the fabled fountain of youth. The nearest approach to that fountain, which has yet been discovered, is the udder of the cow. Without her milk children languish, the vigor of the adult declines, and the vitality of the human race runs low.
Page 57 - Choose Your Food Wisely STUDY THESE FIVE FOOD GROUPS Every food you eat may be put into one of these groups. Each group serves a special purpose in nourishing your body. You should choose some food from each group daily. 1. VEGETABLES AND FRUITS. 2. MILK, EGGS, FISH, MEAT, CHEESE. BEANS, PEAS, PEANUTS. 3. CEREALS— CORN MEAL, OATMEAL, RICE, BREAD, ETC. 4. SUGAR, SIRUPS, JELLY, HONEY, ETC. 5. FATS— BUTTER, MARGARINE, COTTONSEED OIL, OLIVE OIL, DRIPPINGS. SUET. You can exchange one food for another...
Page 291 - Now, the old saying, that fruit is golden in the morning, silver at noon, and lead at night...
Page 207 - ... increases the length of time the material remains in the stomach, but not proportionally. To select a few examples of the time required for foods to leave the stomach: Two eggs (raw, poached, or in the form of an omelet), 7 ounces sweetbreads, 10 moderate-sized oysters, 7 ounces white-fish or 31/2 ounces of white bread, cauliflowers, or cherries, each left the stomach in from 2 to 3 hours.
Page 72 - ... bread, yeast, ox liver, rice polishings, or beans. "(4) The addition of yeast (in amounts used by bakers) in the preparation of bread from highly milled flour does not prevent the appearance of polyneuritis in birds fed on this food, but prolongs slightly the period of incubation. "(5) The addition to 'highly milled' flour, or bread made from 'highly milled...
Page 332 - ... in hot weather, and more among males than females. Both are accompanied by fever and paralysis, and both are extremely fatal. Both have prevailed as epidemics, and their fatality has caused terror and despair. "Beri-beri was formerly regarded as an infectious disease from undiscoverable sources, but is now known to be due chiefly if not solely to absence of vitamines in the diet. "May not infantile paralysis, which has eluded thus far the most searching investigations, be likewise traceable to...

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