The Penny Cyclopædia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, Volume 26

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Page 106 - At the present day, however, we even more commonly use another name for this peculiar liquid — namely, " alcohol," and its origin is not less singular. The Dutch physician, Van Helmont, lived in the latter part of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth century — in the transition period between alchemy and chemistry — and was rather more alchemist than chemist. Appended to his
Page 28 - Our royal office, for the advancement of religion and morality, and the promotion of useful knowledge, to hold forth to all classes and denominations of Our faithful subjects, without any distinction whatsoever, an encouragement for pursuing a regular and liberal course of Education...
Page 104 - The Vampire bat is often the cause of much trouble, by biting the horses on their withers. The injury is generally not so much owing to the loss of blood, as to the inflammation which the pressure of the saddle afterwards produces. The whole circumstance has lately been doubted in England; I was therefore fortunate in being present when one (Desmodus d'orbignyi, Wat.) was actually caught on a horse's back.
Page 58 - Prey of these Fish, he goes to a Marsh, where, standing on the Land, he lets his Tail hang in the Water. This the Crab takes for a Bait, and fastens his Claws therein, which as soon as the Raccoon perceives, he of a sudden springs forward a considerable way, on the Land, and brings the Crab along with him. As soon as the Fish finds himself out of his Element, he presently lets go his hold, and then the Raccoon encounters him, by getting him crosswise in his Mouth, and devours him.
Page 78 - Wandering abroad and lodging in alehouses, barns, out-houses, or in the open air, not giving a good account of themselves.
Page 30 - One year of attendance on Clinical or Practical Medicine, or two years of practice, will be dispensed with in the case of those candidates who at the second Examination have been placed in the First Division.
Page 246 - and this he is ready to verify by the record," or for not alleging, "as appears by the record," or for that there is no right venue, so as the cause was tried by a jury of the proper county or place, where the action is laid...
Page 30 - The candidate shall also produce a certificate of moral character from a teacher in the last school or institution at which he has studied, as far as the teacher's opportunity of knowledge has extended. The fee for this examination shall be five pounds.
Page 108 - This is, perhaps, the first picture of portraits in the world, comprehending more of those qualities which make a perfect portrait than any other I have ever seen.
Page 278 - These are well-meant hyperboles on a man who never used any. He was simple, modest, and scrupulous ; so scrupulous, that it gave a peculiar slowness to his delivery ; he never uttered his opinion hastily, nor hastily assented to that of others.

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