The American Jewish Year Book, Volume 1

Front Cover
Cyrus Adler, Henrietta Szold
American Jewish Committee, 1899 - Jews
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Issues for 1900/01- include report of the 12th- year of the Jewish Publication Society of America, 1890-1900- (issued also separately in some years); issues for 1908/09- include Report of the American Jewish Committee for 1906/08- (issued also separately in some years).

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Page 101 - This Constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members attending any annual meeting.
Page 104 - America is our Zion. Here, in the home of religious liberty, we have aided in founding this new Zion, the fruition of the beginning laid in the old. The mission of Judaism is spiritual, not political. Its aim is not to establish a state, but to spread the truths of religion and humanity throughout the world.
Page 297 - The author has attempted to depict faithfully the customs and practices of the Russian people and government in connection with the Jewish population of that country. The book is a strong and well-written story."— Public Opinion.
Page 297 - Nowhere else have been given us more realistic pictures of the shabbiness, the unwholesomeness, the close-packed human misery, the squalor, the vulgarity, the sharp struggle in the mean competition of life, in the East End of London [But] there is a world of poetry, of dreams, of imagination, of high calling, of intellectual subtlety even, in which sordid London, not Jewish, has no part nor lot."— CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER, Harper's Magazine.
Page 297 - SCHNABEL. 83 pp. Paper. 25 cents. (Special Series No. 2.) " ' The False Turn ' Is a charming little sketch, and the humor of it very delicate and amusing. ' Voegele's Marriage ' I find also very artistic and interesting.
Page 295 - Advocate. THE PERSECUTION OF THE JEWS IN RUSSIA.— 87 pp. Paper. 25 cents. (Special Series No. 1.) " The pamphlet is full of facts, and will inform people very fully in regard to the basis of the complaints made by the Jews against Russia.
Page 295 - KABPELES. 109 pp. Boards. 30 cents. (Special Series No. 5.) " Dr. Karpeles's standpoint is a sane one, and his intimate acquaintance with the details of his subject has in no degree confused his sketch of the general development.
Page 295 - JEWISH SERVICES IN SYNAGOGUE AND HOME.— By LEWIS N. DEMBITZ. 487 pp. $1.75. "A work which will keep up the knowledge and remembrance of the devotional life of the Jews as it was in the past, and of the liturgical literature as it evolved throughout ages and in various countries.
Page 296 - DEUTSCH. Boards. 30 cents. (Special Series No. 3.) "When first published. .. .made its author, then one of the underlibrarians at the British Museum, famous, and still remains an admirable short study." — Atlantic Monthly. READINGS AND RECITATIONS. For Jewish Homes and Schools.
Page 295 - JEWISH LIFE IN THE MIDDLE AGES.— By ISRAEL ABRAHAMS. 452 pp. $1.75. " Mr. Abrahams has really done a very good and useful piece of work. He has taken up one side of mediaeval life, and given us the means of getting a thorough understanding of it." — Bookman. OLD EUROPEAN JEWRIES.— By DAVID PHILIPSON. 281 pp. $1.25. "Philipson's book is a very valuable historical and ethnographical contribution.

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