The Intuitive Warrior: Lessons From A Navy SEAL On Unleashing Your Hidden Potential

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CCC Publishing, 20 kwi 2022 - 224
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Using real-life examples, Michael Jaco explains how he tapped into his intuitive capabilities to predict attacks and protect his fellow soldiers. The Intuitive Warrior will teach you how employing the methods perfected by a genuine military hero can act as a catalyst toward developing a richer, more fulfilled life.

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Substance: Insightful, interesting, and relevant to spiritual quest and military training. Style: Could have used a good editor. Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

LibraryThing Review

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Interesting read if you're interested in finding out how he used his intuition in battles as a Navy Seal. Great stories. Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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Michael Jaco served as a Navy Seal Team Six operator and CIA security operative with expert intuitive abilities developed over 35 years of extensive combat experience. With over 20 years of experience as an Intuitive, Remote Viewer, and Remote Influencer in diverse environments including combat, Michael has expertly honed his skills in the higher consciousness realms. As a master training specialist Michael has trained thousands of people in extremely high levels of personal development. Michael's mission and life focus is to help anyone quickly and easily develop the skills for success in all aspects of human achievement. He is based out of Sarasota, Florida.

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