The Parliamentary register: or, History of the proceedings and debates of the House of commons of Ireland

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Page 232 - England, eclipsed at your glory and your island, rose as it were from its bed, and got nearer to the sun ? In the arts that polish life — the inventions that accommodate ; the manufactures that adorn it — you will be for many years inferior to some other parts of Europe ; but, to nurse a growing people — to mature a struggling, though hardy community, to mould, to multiply, to consolidate, to inspire, and to exalt a young nation ; be these your barbarous accomplishments...
Page 93 - Library of the college of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin...
Page 211 - ... that every thing is little which is given to the parson; that no burden can be heavy, if it is the weight of the parson ; that landlords should give up their rent, and tenants the profits of their labour, and all too little...
Page 277 - A great part of the capital of the country, would thus be kept out of the hands which were most likely to make a profitable and advantageous use of it, and thrown into those which were most likely to waste and destroy it.
Page 232 - Were I to raise you to a great act, I should not recur to the history of other nations ; I would recite your own acts, and set you in emulation with yourselves. Do you remember that night, when you gave your country a free trade, and with your...
Page 200 - Holt said, they made every thing titheable ; but, says he, I do not regard that ; the pope, from whom our clergy derive their claim, though they depart from its alleged application, subjected to tithe the gains of the merchant, and the pay of the army ; the canons went farther, and held the tithe of fornication and adultery to be the undoubted property of the church.
Page 248 - ... Payment of the Army and their Quarters within this Kingdom. An Act for continuing and amending several Laws relating to His Majesty's Revenue, and for the more effectually preventing of Frauds therein, and for other Purposes therein mentioned. An Act the title of which begins with the words, — An Act for the better Execution of the Law within the City of Dublin, and certain Parts adjacent thereto, — and ends with the words, — improving the Police of the City of Dublin.
Page 407 - it is not only a great oppreffion upon " the poorer fort, but a badge of flavery " upon the whole people, expofing every " man's houfe to be entered into and " fearched at pleafure, by perfons un
Page 305 - rica ; and for more effectually preventing the " clandeftine running of goods in the faid colonies " and plantations ;" might be read. And the fame being read accordingly; he moved, " That this houfe will, upon this day feven" night, refolve itfelf into a committee of the " whole houfe, to take into confideration the duty
Page 181 - Whereas a select committee appointed to try and determine the merits of the petition complaining of an undue election and return for the borough of St.

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