Outing, Volume 5

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1885 - Sports
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Page 188 - Oh ! ever thus, from childhood's hour, I've seen my fondest hopes decay ; I never loved a tree or flower, But 'twas the first to fade away. I never nursed a dear gazelle. To glad me with its soft black eye, But when it came to know me well, And love me, it was sure to die ! Now too — the joy most like divine Of all I ever dreamt or knew.
Page 294 - ... along, as the bay's breadth opens, and o'er us Wild autumn exults in the wind, swift rapture and strong Impels us, and broader the wide waves brighten before us Across and along. The whole world's heart is uplifted, and knows not wrong ; The whole world's life is a chant to the sea-tide's chorus ; Are we not as waves of the water, as notes of the song? Like children unworn of the passions and toils that wore us, We breast for a season the breadth of the seas that throng, Rejoicing as they, to...
Page 166 - Tis the middle watch of a summer's night,— The earth is dark, but the heavens are bright; Naught is seen in the vault on high But the moon, and the stars, and the cloudless sky, And the flood which rolls its milky hue, A river of light on the welkin blue. The moon looks down on old Cro'nest; She mellows the shades on his shaggy breast, And seems his huge gray form to throw In a silver cone on the wave below.
Page 283 - You are company, you redcheeked spitz, or you salmon-fleshed greening ! I toy with you ; press your face to mine, toss you in the air, roll you on the ground, see you shine out where you lie amid the moss and dry leaves and sticks. You are so alive ! You glow like a ruddy flower.
Page 246 - A hurry of hoofs in a village street, A shape in the moonlight, a bulk in the dark, And beneath, from the pebbles, in passing a spark Struck out by a steed flying fearless and fleet: That was all! And yet, through the gloom and the light, The fate of a nation was riding that night; And the spark struck out by that steed in his flight Kindled the land into flame with its heat.
Page 10 - WHAT an image of peace and rest Is this little church among its graves ! All is so quiet ; the troubled breast, The wounded spirit, the heart oppressed, Here may find the repose it craves. See, how the ivy climbs and expands Over this humble hermitage, And seems to caress with its little hands The rough, gray stones, as a child that stands Caressing the wrinkled cheeks of age...
Page 171 - Just at this moment the illustrious sun, breaking in all its splendor from behind a high bluff of the highlands, did dart one of his most potent beams full upon the refulgent nose of the sounder of brass — the reflection of which shot straightway down, hissing hot, into the water, and killed a mighty sturgeon that was sporting beside the vessel...
Page 386 - KINDERSLEY.-THE VERY JOYOUS, PLEASANT, AND REFRESHING HISTORY of the Feats, Exploits, Triumphs, and Achievements of the Good Knight, without Fear and without Reproach, the gentle LORD DE BAYARD.
Page 162 - ... without fretting and crying aloud over the restrictions placed on woman's field of work." — Eclectic Monthly. Our publications are for sale by all booksellers, or will be sent post-paid on receipt of advertised price.
Page 6 - Country lots. We had much adoe to get a grant of it, but it Cost us 4 or 5 days attendance, besides some score of miles we traveled before we brought it to pass. I hope it will please thee and the rest yt are concerned, for it hath most rare timber, I have not seen the like in all these parts, there is water enough beside.

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