Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Abate Metastasio: In which are Incorporated, Translations of His Principal Letters, Volume 1

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Page 55 - July 1 7 1 8, but having been overturned in a chaise, the fourth day of his journey, he had the misfortune to break his leg, and was confined at an inn in the little town of Ponticaba, near Trevisa, till September. He arrived at Vienna, the 14th of that month, "safe," as he says, " if not sound and cured," after twelve days of excessive suffering on the road.
Page 56 - I find more and more every day, that I grow old, not only in body, but in mind : and that the bufinefs of writing verfes, is no longer a fit employment for me...
Page 40 - Romanina, as more rich and accuftomed to the management of a family, was inverted with the fuperintendance of all houfehold concerns ; the reft had nothing to do, but to attend their own purfuits ; while Metaftafio received vifits, wrote verfes, improved his circumirances, and encreafed his celebrity.
Page 40 - ... receives due honour in his own country, particularly at Rome, which is proverbially called the refidence of ftrangers ; in fpite of the excellence of this drama, which abounds with fublime, as well as tender fentiments...
Page 12 - ... of his learned tutor, was the opportunity it afforded his genius, to free itfelf from the trammels of Grecian rules and fervile imitation. But though in his dramas he has more pathos, poetry, nature, and facility, than we are now able to find in the ancient Greek tragedians, yet his early ftudy of them certainly elevated his ideas and ftyle, and taught him how to fhun the vulgarity and abfurdities with which the early popular dramatifts of moft countries abound.
Page 54 - Letterati d'ltalia," of which he published thirty volumes between the years 1710and 1719. His first musical drama, " L'Inganni Felici," was performed at Venice in 1695, and between that time and his quitting Vienna, whither he was invited by the emperor Charles VI. in 1718, he produced forty-six operas, and seventeen oratorios, besides eighteen dramas, which he wrote jointly with Pariati. His dramatic works were collected and published at Venice in 1744, in 10 vols.
Page 41 - Romans, and the performance fufpended. The frivolous fcenes, and feeble poetry to which they had been long accuftomed, had corrupted the tafte of the Roman public in general ; and except a few learned men, lefs invidious than the reft, who if they knew of no modern Cato, had read, at leaft, about the ancient, this piece was at firft very coldly received; though afterwards, when their minds and taftes were enlightened and refined by other original and beautiful works of our author, this drama was...
Page 4 - Rome, and no cruel preliminary was mentioned, by which his natural parents were prohibited from feeing him and cheriming reciprocal affection, Felix was too wife, and zealous for the welfare of his fon, to refufe the proffered patronage ; and the next morning Pietro was conducted by his father and mother to the houfe of Gravina, and wholly configned to his care and protection. Our young bard was now, from the legitimate child of a mop-keeper, become the adopted fon of a man of letters. And as his...
Page 113 - The father of Metastasio was a goldsmith at Rome, but his son had so devoted himself to the family he lived with, that he refused to hear, and took pains not to know, whether he had in his latter days any one relation left in the world.
Page 42 - ... compofer, 1729; but though both thefe dramas were received in the moft favorable manner, and the praifes beftowed upon the poet were unbounded, his fortune was not greatly improved by their fuccefs. Poetry has more frequently enriched the bookfeller, than the author, in every country ; but...

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