A new Latin delectus, with the rules of syntax

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Page 41 - Illi robur et aes triplex Circa pectus erat, qui fragilem truci Commisit pelago ratem Primus...
Page 24 - A relative pronoun agrees with its antecedent in gender, number, and person, but its case is determined by its use in its own clause.
Page 8 - Nouns, and have three degrees of comparison — the Positive, the Comparative, and the Superlative. The Comparative is formed by adding er to the positive ; thus, Great, greater ; Bad, bader ; Good, gooder.
Page 50 - Lucius CATILINA nobili genere natus fuit, magna vi et animi et corporis, sed ingenio malo pravoque.
Page 47 - Luce sedet custos aut summi culmine tecti, Turribus aut altis, et magnas territat urbes, Tam ficti pravique tenax quam nuntia veri.
Page 22 - When pronouns of different persons are joined in one subject, or nouns with pronouns of the first and second persons, the verb agrees with the first in preference to the second, and the second in preference to the third ; as, Si tu et Tullia valetis, ego et swvciwmus Cicero valemus. If thou and Tullia are well, I and dearest Cicero are well.
Page 52 - Corinthi, filiœ opéra : quae capta amore juvenis, illo abeunte peregre, umbram ex facie ejus ad lucernam in pariete lineis circumscripsit...
Page 6 - ... 3. Nouns ending in a, e, i, y, c, I, n, t, ar, ur, and us, are neuter. There are many exceptions to these rules, which the learner should note as he advances. 169. Decline together fons profundus, deep spring; hostis and ax, bold enemy; magna pars, great part.
Page 20 - Lupin was, comforted by the mere voice and presence of such a man; and, though he had merely said 'a verb must agree with its nominative case in number and person...
Page 32 - If the name of a town where any thing is done, be of the first or second declension, and singular number, it is put in the genitive; if not, in the ablat. at Rome. BALBUS is-remaining at Carthage. It is the duty' of a good citizen to remain at Rome.

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