The Rock Tombs of Deir El Gebr‚wi, Issue 11

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Sold at the offices of the Egypt exploration fund, 1902 - Deir el Gebr‚wi
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Page 37 - These additional scenes occupy the whole of the topmost register and the end of the second and third. This series may also have been taken from another tomb, for the operation of melting metal is introduced a second time. Besides the changes mentioned there is a great alteration in appearance due to the employment of sculpture instead of mural painting. It may be said, therefore, that a copy of the subject at Deir el...
Page 37 - Gebr‚wi lay before the sculptor of this tomb, but that while he endeavoured to make use of all the figures and groups in it, he contented himself with copying the action and attitude of each, and did not hesitate to substitute familiar forms for those which were no longer known, as in the case of vases, chests, scales, &c. Where no good reason for alteration existed, the exact attitude was almost invariably retained by him.
Page 22 - I requested as an honour from the majesty of my lord, the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Neferkere (Pepi II), who lives forever, that there be taken a coffin, clothing, and festival perfume for this Zau. His majesty caused that the custodian of the royal domain should bring a coffin of wood, festival perfume...
Page 37 - Indess ,,a copy, in the strict sense, it cannot be called, for many changes in detail have been made. The scenes have been redistributed, one or two groups have been omitted, figures and objects have been given slightly different forms or positions, and some of the inscriptions have been...
Page 37 - ... omitted, figures and objects have been given slightly different forms or positions, and some of the inscriptions have been omitted or abbreviated. Some new material has also been appended to the original scenes, largely with the object of showing the manufacture of such articles of burial furniture as were not in use in Old Kingdom days, or were not depicted at Deir el Gebr‚wi.
Page 37 - Aba being replaced by that of his later namesake, who describes himself simply as
Page 22 - I was (6) one beloved of his father .... [praised of] his mother, deserving before the king, deserving before my city-god through love, Aba.

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