A Middle-English Dictionary: Containing Words Used by English Writers from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century

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Page xi - Stratmann.— AN OLD ENGLISH POEM OF THE OWL AND THE NIGHTINGALE. Edited by FRANCIS HENRY STRATMANN. 8vo. cloth, pp. 60. 3s.
Page xi - Songs and Carols, printed from a MS. in the Sloane Collection in the British Museum.
Page 5 - Ac if the king hit wiste, I trowe he wolde be wroth, Hou the pore beth i-piled, and hu the silver goth ; Hit is so deskatered bothe hider and thidere, That halvendel shal ben stole ar hit come togidere, and acounted ; An if a pore man speke a word, he shal be foule afrounted.
Page 238 - Gower, probably because the flower expands only in bright sunshine, and is closed or locked in cloudy weather, represents Leucothoe as turned into it by the god of day : — ' But Phebus, for the reverence Of that she hadde be his love, Hath wrought through his power above, That she sprong up out of the molde Into a flour was named golde, Which stant governed of the sonne.
Page 388 - Thow biddest me I sholde love another Al freshly newe, and lat Criseyde go ! It lyth not in my power, leve brother. And though I mighte, I wolde not do so. But canstow pleyen raket, to and fro, Netle in, dokke out, now this, now that, Pandare ? Now foule falle hir, for thy wo that care ! 67.
Page 72 - ... 24, 10.). His drooping tail matted, as it were, into a single feather, along which the water trickled from his back (IRVING, Bracebr. H., The Stout Gentlem.). Sitterbing« bringt аиф bier bie 3nbifaticform ein : That Illo fought as he was frantic (CoLiiR., Wallenst.
Page ix - ... FITZ-JAMES, ELDEST SON OF JAMES FITZ-JAMES Duke of Berwick, and grandson of King James II. (A Fragment.) (Middle Hill, 1849J folio, pp. 8. BEEKSHIEB VISITATIONS, 1566, 1623, AND 1664 PAET 1. FOLIO. Lithograph. Incomplete, begins Aldworth, the last Davy, FRAGMENT OF .¿ELFRIC'S GRAMMAR, HIS GLOSSABY AND POEM ON the Soul and Body. In the orthography of the Twelfth Century. 1838, folio, pp. 8, also title, preface end errata. — Reprinted, witli a translation by SW Singer, 1845, 8vo. 100 capíes...
Page iii - In the etymologies I have attempted to distinguish between direct derivation and collateral relationship of words ', and have also rectified many errors of detail. Dr.
Page ix - Sir Ferumbras, edited by SJ Herrtage, EETS, No. XXXIV, 1879. Fr. = French. Gaw. = Sir Gawayne and the Green Knight, edited by R. Morris, EE TS, No. 4, 1864. Gen. and Ex. = The Story of Genesis and Exodus, edited by R. Morris, EETS, No. 7, 1865. Glo. = Gloucestershire. Goth. = Gothic. Hamp.

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