The Universal Cook: And City and Country Housekeeper

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R. Noble, 1792 - Cooking - 451 pages
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Page 246 - ... a quarter of a pound of butter, rub a little of the butter into the flour, mix it stiff with a little cold water, and then roll your paste straight out.
Page 340 - ... it very well ; pour it into a clean tub, and when it is almost cold, set it to work with yeast spread upon a toast. Let it stand five or six...
Page 335 - ... to every six gallons put in a quart of brandy, and let it stand six weeks ; if it is fine, bottle it ; if it is not, draw it off as clear as you can into another vessel, or large bottles, and in a fortnight bottle it in small bottles.— Ibid.
Page 387 - ... fhould be laid at the bottom of the vat, and this fhould be fo large, that when the vat is filled with the curd, the ends of the cloth may turn again over the top of it. When this is done, it fhould be taken to the prefs, and there remain for the fpace of two hours, when it mould be turned, and have a clean cloth put under it, and turned over as before.
Page 251 - ... tin, and put it into the mould you intend it to be turned out of, then put on the lid, and have ready another tub with ice and...
Page 275 - ... has entered them, take them off, cover them with white paper, and fet them by till the next day. Then take them out of the fyrup, and boil the fugar till it begins to be ropy.
Page 154 - ... be a little thicker than the pafte on the edge of the difh, and lay it on, then roll out another lid pretty thin and cut in flowers, leaves, or whatever form you pleafe, and lay it on the lid ; if you do not want it, it will keep in the pot...
Page 123 - Poulet i la Financiere. Bone the legs of a chicken. Take half a pound of veal, a quarter of a pound of fat bacon ; pound it, then pass it through a sieve ; add to this two tablespoonfuls of minced tongue, half a dozen truffles, and half a dozen button mushrooms, the yolks of two eggs, a little salt, and a little less of cayenne. Mix all well together, and stuff the legs of the fowl with this, sewing...
Page 336 - ... of yeast and the juice of twelve lemons, which, being pared, must stand, with two pounds of white sugar, in a tankard, and in the morning skim off...
Page 304 - Walnut Ketchup. — Take half a bushel of green walnuts, before the shell is formed, and grind them in a crab mill, or beat them in a marble mortar ; then squeeze out the juices through a coarse cloth, and wring the cloth well to get all the juice out, and to every gallon of juice put a quart of red wine, a quarter of a pound of anchovies, the same of bay salt, one ounce of allspice, two of long or black pepper, half an ounce of cloves and mace, a little ginger and horse-radish, cut in slices; boil...

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